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Breed Test: Chinese Crested

chinese-crested4These hairless dogs will need little grooming but their skin will need moisturising daily to keep soft and supple.


They are alert, clever, and full of life and very family orientated. Cresties are normally able to make their own entertainment but they really just love to curl up besides their owner and be in their presence.


Chinese Crested’s are not aggressive in any way but they can make very good watch dogs. They will bark and let you know that there is an approaching stranger, they will not yap like other toy breeds though.


This breed can be pretty hardy but they can suffer from eye conditions. Note: these can be tested so only get a puppy from a breeder that has had these conditions tested.


Chinese Crested dogs are suitable pets for families that will allow them to live inside. They can become unhappy very ... Click here to read more....

Sick and tired of Dog hair??

Dog owners are very aware of all the wonderful benefits of having big, furry, cuddly pets. However, with these benefits comes the downside of having hair EVERYWHERE! All over your clothes, over your couch, your car seats, carpets, and even little balls of fur that glide over your floorboards. For years

clients have tried brushing their pets and carrying a small sticky roller wherever they go but nothing ever fixed the problem.

At Paddington Pups we can get your dog’s hair stripped or shaved. As this is very effective for some, it doesn’t work for all breeds of dogs. Recently we have discovered some appliances, and services that will help combat the hair overload in your home!


  1. After our brand new commercial washing machine broke we needed to find a way to get all our towels washed; as most Laundromats don’t allow animal hair to go through their machines.
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Help Socalise your Dog

dogs-playingIt is important that dogs can play and be around other dogs and animals, but they cannot always do this by themselves which is why it is important to socialise your dog. Here are some handy hints on how to go about socialising one of the worlds most social creatures.


Early Socialisation; To ensure your dog is social it is important to start socialisation at a young age. It’s vital that this is done voluntarily and gradually because puppies like other young animals can get overwhelmed. Puppies also go through fear imprint stages in their early development which occurs around  8 to 10 weeks, and 6 to 14 months, which means during these times anything traumatic is more likely to impact their fears during their life.


Build Exposure; In order for your dog to feel comfortable in different environments, building exposure is important. During the fear imprint times ... Click here to read more....

Product of the Month: Marrow Chews

marrow boneIn store at Paddington Pups is a brand new chew that will keep your dog out of trouble for quite some time.


Not only does this interactive treat help control tarter, it is also going to break any bad chewing habits your dog may have.


The bone itself is made from Nylon with Jerky Flavouring down the middle. When the dog chews the marrow bone he will be enticed to lick and eat the marrow jerky out of the middle.


During chewing, tiny bristle like projections are raised to help clean teeth.


Paddington Pups now stock 3 sizes of these bones; Small, Large and Extra Large. The Small are Priced at only $8.20 each, Large are $14.30 and the Extra Large are $21.80.


Get in store to get one quick before they run out!


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Do Dogs Need Vitamin Supplements?

three-dogs-sitting760x538People are crazy about vitamins. Open up medicine cabinets around the world, and no matter the culture, you’ll often find an entire alphabet soup of products designed to round out our diets. So do dogs need vitamins as well?

You might think what is good for us will work for our dogs. But quality dog food is carefully balanced to fulfill all of your dog’s nutritional needs. Scientists have proven that additives often interfere with the balanced nutrition in dog food. In fact, they can stop the absorption of some important nutrients, leaving your dog with an upset stomach or even skeletal problems.

“As we all know from studying our own health, it’s not just the amount of vitamins that we take that matter; it’s the quality of the nutrients and the proper balance of vitamins and minerals that make the difference,” explains emergency veterinarian Dr Katy Nelson. “When a

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The Great Indoors

dog under chairAs the weather starts to cool off, dogs start to stay inside a bit more to keep warm and after a while might get a bit of cabin fever. Preventing cabin fever can be as simple as taking the dog for a walk but when the weather gets cold, windy and rainy a lot of you would be quite reluctant to venture outdoors. Mental stimulation can tire out a dog a lot quicker then physical stimulation – mental stimulation can also help a dog become smarter and more behaved. The following indoor games will make sure your pooch is well stimulated and not tearing up the house.

Scent Tracking

Choose a scent and pair that scent with food by letting the dog sniff the scent and receiving a treat. After repeating this exercise several times your dog will know that the scent equals food. Hide the scent somewhere and allow ... Click here to read more....

Dog of Month Tux

Tux is a 3 year olTUXd, Boston Terrier that has been coming into daycare for about a year. He comes in two times a week to see all his friends.


Tux is full of beans and very friendly. Every morning he runs in and greets all the staff and every dog that arrives here at daycare.


Tux loves to run around and wrestle with another Boston Terrier named Chumpy who came from the same breeder only 2 years younger then Tux.


Tux also loves to play on the jungle gym with his other friends who include: Bonnie; Miniature Bull Terrier, Hudson; Westie and Harry; Cocker Spaniel.


Congratulations Tux we all know you will enjoy the treats in the prize pack!

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Thank You Thank You Thank You

Thank-You-DogI wanted to take a moment to thank you for your continued help to build Paddington Pups Queensland’s #1 Doggy Day Care and Grooming Center.

Last months promotional deals got us close to our target; we raised $31,934 which will pay most of the relevant Council fees and the deposit for the new location!

So as a gracious Thank You, I thought I might give you a sneak preview of the new location. It obviously still needs to be fitted out, cleaned up and set up the way we need it, but I thought you’d appreciate having a quick look at the great location and space.

Enjoy this Video Sneak Preview Here

Thank You For Helping Us Out, It’s Very much Appreciated.

P.S. We would be grateful if you would refer friends, family members and even work colleagues to come in and try out our services. We will soon have ... Click here to read more....