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Did You Know?



In Zion, Illinois, it is illegal to offer cigars to your pets.


In Oklahoma, people can be arrested for making strange faces at a dog.


In Ventura Country, California, dogs aren’t allowed to mate without a permit. In other parts of California, they can’t mate within 450 metres of a church, tavern or school.


In Turin, Italy, dog owners can be fined heavily unless they walk their dogs at least three times a day.


In North Carolina, it is against the law for dogs and cats to fight with each other.


In International Falls, Minnesota, dog owners can be fined if their canine companion chases a cat up a telegraph pole.


In 1985, a German Shepherd in Seville, Spain, was arrested for snatching handbags from shoppers.  


At the end of World War I, the German government trained the first guide dogs to assist blind war veterans.


According to scientists, ... Click here to read more....

Breed Test: Fox Terrier

 The Fox Terriers got their name from their job in the hunting teams. Flushing out foxes with their long noses and their boundless energy. They were sometimes kept in riders saddlebags during the hunt then let loose to sniff out the foxes. They are perfect for it as they are small enough to fit in the foxes dens and feisty enough to chase them out.


Fox Terriers come in two sorts; Smooth coat and Wired coat. The Foxies will need daily exercise as well as mental stimulation during the day.


Fox Terriers are lively and full of energy; they can also be feisty, curious, fun-loving, devoted and a loyal companion. This means these dogs are good for singles, families, and elderly.


Fox Terriers love to do activities simular to their hunting instinct. Dog sports, swimming, and being mentally and physically stimulated with their human family – they love to be ... Click here to read more....

Why Small Breed Dogs Outlive Large Breeds.

Researches say that big dogs age quicker which is why they die younger. Across other species large mammals live longer than small animals. Elephants for an example will live up to 70 years of age in the wild, whereas a mouse will only reach the age of 4.

 With dog’s it is quite the opposite, a big dog’s life expectancy can be almost half of a little dog. A 70kg Great Dane has an average life span of 7 years while a 4 kg toy poodle will be expected to live to 14years or longer.


To shed light on this matter, researchers have analysed the deaths in 74 breeds of over 56,000 dogs in veterinary teaching hospitals. Scientists found that in fact large breeds age at faster rates then small breeds. Amongst many dog breeds, an increase of 2 kg in body mass will lead to a loss of 1 ... Click here to read more....

Crazy Dog Behaviours Explained

Dogs can do some fascinating and weird things at times, some will make you laugh, others will make you worry about your dogs mental and physiological state. Below are some common behaviours displayed by dogs and the reasons behind these strange behaviours.

Tail Chasing
Can be displayed as an act of attention seeking as they normally receive a laugh or praise from their owner, but there can be a more sinister reason for this behaviour. Canine Compulsive Disorder (CCD) which has the dog chasing their tail out of compulsion, this disorder is closely related to chasing a moving animal or object (predation), and certain medications can be used to help treat this condition.

Dogs that Hate Men
It is quite common for dogs to dislike men or act scared of them. This is mainly due to puppies or young dogs having limited exposure to them or being abused by them ... Click here to read more....

In Loving Memory of Jaxon,

JaxonJaxon, a German Shepherd Cross came into Paddington Pups for his fortnightly baths on a Saturday, he has spent the last 16 months fighting Canine Lymphoma, a battle that he lost on March 26. For that 16 month period he was being treated by the fantastic vets and support staff at the University of Queensland (UQ) Small Animal Clinic at St. Lucia.

It seems that the University has made a decision to close this Small Animal Clinic at St Lucia in January 2014 and open a new clinic at Gatton.

As a legacy to Jaxon and in his memory Michael his owner has set up an E-Partition that implores UQ to seriously reconsider this decision. This would be a serious loss not only to Brisbane pet owners, but also too many Vet Clinics in the Greater Brisbane area who rely heavily on the UQ Small Animal Clinic for vet and

... Click here to read more....

The Carnivorous Digestive System

digestiveDogs are predominantly carnivores, that is to say their digestive system is optimised to process meat. It has, however, been known for a long time that the modern day dog is capable of digesting carbohydrates as well. The reason they are able to do this is that they produce amylase, an enzyme that breaks down starchy carbohydrates, in the small intestine. Herbivores are better at this type of digestion because they produce amylase at the start of the digestive tract: in the mouth, in the salivary glands.

Carnivores have a relatively simple and short digestive system. It consists of one stomach as opposed to the four that ruminants (a mammal that digests plant-based food by initially softening it within its first compartment of the stomach) have, Food simply passes through in one direction without having to be regurgitated. The stomach itself contains extremely strong acids which quickly break down proteins ... Click here to read more....

Dog of the Month; Mia and Dudley

Mia and DudleyMia and Dudley are both Maltese x Poodles, who have been coming into daycare for a long time. Mia is 5 and Dudley is 6 years of age.

The twosome cruise around daycare, greeting every dog each morning in a calm and friendly manner the two are quite laid back. Dudley just can’t get enough of the crew at Paddington pups, he loves a pat, and to snuggle and will always be found sitting with a staff member during the day. Little princess Mia loves to chill with the quiet and contained dogs and will never refuse a pat.

Their friends include; Piedee the Cavoodle, Misty the Westie, Millie the Miniature Groodle, Puddles the Miniature Dachshund and Charlie the Spoodle.

Congratulations Mia and Dudley we all know you will both enjoy the treats in the prize pack.

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HUGE News at Paddington Pups

Well, there has been a lot going on behind the scenes here at Paddington Pups.  Recently, Brisbane City Council reviewed the town planning that we fall under and decided, without advance notice or consultation and despite previous town planning and legal advice, that we need to be re-zoned as a boarding kennel (as, technically, should every business with 4 plus dogs on site, but don’t get me started!).

So what does that mean exactly?

Well for us it’s mainly just a process we need to go through to keep the council happy with the way our business fits in amongst surrounding businesses and homes. We already meet and exceed the strictest daycare/boarding kennel operational requirements set in Australia. These requirements account for cleanliness, safety, staffing levels, noise control, space for the dogs and general safety and wellbeing.

However, because we are opposite residential property and contain limited car parking spaces ... Click here to read more....

Halti Head Collar Video: Product of the Week

Halti Head Collar stops pulling from even the strongest dog!

If walking your pooch is a chore because he pulls on the lead constantly, then Halti has the solution for you.

The Halti Head Collar is a kinder way to walk your dog and remain in control. The Halti will allow you to lead your pet by the head to reduce pulling and calm boisterous behaviour quickly and gently.

For a demonstration check out the video below and we will see you at Paddington Pups for your Halti purchase:... Click here to read more....

Chain Lead Video: Product of the Week

If your dog keeps chewing on it’s lead and destroying it, this is the solution for you!

They won’t chew through a chain lead and if you stop at a shop on your walk, you will rest easy leaving him out the front knowing he won’t chew through or even break his lead like he could if it were a nylon or material.

Chain leads are available in store at Paddington Pups and check out the pooch below waiting for his owner at the lost dogs home because he chewed through his lead and escaped.... Click here to read more....