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Hungarian Puli


The Hungarian Puli is a rare breed which is closely related to the Komondor (A larger version of the Puli).


The Plural of Puli is the Pulix.


Pulix were and still are bred for guarding and herding livestock. Because pulix have an innate intelligence they are a breed of dog that is easy to train.


The Pulix coat is quite unique how it naturally mats and cords into a dreadlock simular to Bob Marley’s hairstyles. But this coat is not an easy coat to maintain. The coat will not shed but dirt and other things will be caught and matted in.


Pulix are medium in size only reaching an average 40cm at the withers. Weighing from 13-15 kilograms, their life expectancy is around 15 years of age.


They are lively, animated dogs who are energetic they are a herding dog that requires a lot ... Click here to read more....

Did You Know?


Ever wonder why a little puppy always has accidents during the night, and why, though you try so hard, you can never fix it? That’s because all puppies are unable to control or “hold it in” overnight until they’re about four-months old. Which, you have to admit, takes a lot less time than toilet training a human baby!


Dogs have a fantastic internal clock. They know when it’s time for walks, play, dinner, bed and always, always, when you come home from work — especially if you keep to a regular schedule. In fact, you might want to just start setting your watch to the dog.


There are actually 703 breeds of purebred dogs in the world.


Females can have puppies and produce over 66,000 dogs in 6 years (as long as they are not neutered)


The oldest dog on record is from Queensland an Australian

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JW Treat Toys Video: Product of the Week

With a JW Treat Toy you can watch your dog’s sheer delight at the gratification of getting to the reward.

Plus these treat toys aren’t purely treat toys. A JW treat toy is also a tug toy, fetch toy and always a fun toy.

The video below shows the range that JW offers and you can purchase your JW toys at Paddington Pups... Click here to read more....

Canine Thermoregulation


A couple of years ago I enrolled in a unit called Animal Biometeorology which, prior to starting the semester, sounded pretty boring. As the semester progressed, however, I became fascinated with the many different methods animals use to cool and heat themselves (thermoregulation) and the science behind biological heat energy transfer.


It may be a little late in the season, but I promise to do a shorter, more concise version of this article at the beginning of this year’s summer!


There are four methods of heat transfer: convection, conduction, radiation and evaporation. Simply defined, convection is the movement of heat within a fluid; conduction is the transfer of heat energy between atoms; radiation occurs via electromagnetic waves; and evaporation transfers heat energy by vaporising particles from the surface of a liquid.


Specific to our humid Queensland climate, the differences between how dogs use these methods to ... Click here to read more....

How to steal a dog


2 million pets are stolen each year and sadly only 10% are reunited with their rightful owners. Pets are stolen for several of reasons; they could be sold to research labs, used for breeding in puppy mills, while others are forced into dog fighting. Really, the number of reasons is potentially infinite. But how do you prevent your pet from being stolen? The answer is to think like a “low life”!

Here are 6 ways to start you thinking and prevent your pet from being abducted!

1. Leave your dog alone in a car
This is a favourite for pet thieves. Dogs are at risk of overheating in cars so this shouldn’t happen anyway.

2. Tie your dog up by him/her self
Criminals wait until you leave your dog alone and tied up so they can unleash and quickly escape. This is one of the easiest ways to steal a ... Click here to read more....

How to “Curb” Car Sickness in Puppies and Dogs


Like humans, dogs and puppies can also experience car and motion sickness. This ordeal can be very stressful for both the dog and yourself. There are, however, things you can try to make that stressful car trip a much more relaxing one.


The three most common reasons for car sickness are 1) unbalanced ear structures in puppies that are not fully developed yet (fortunately most dogs grow out of this), 2) Stressing out about the destination (dogs who have only ever been to the vet in the car could stress that car rides mean “vet”), and 3) if your dog has been nauseous in the car before he could have conditioned himself that car rides mean a time of sickness.


Common signs of car sickness include; inactivity, restlessness, excessive yawning, whining, hyper salivation and vomiting. Normally these symptoms will cease once the vehicle comes to a stop ... Click here to read more....

What is BEST to feed your dog?

There is no one dog food that is ‘best’ for you dog. People can offer a well informed opinion of which food is best, but if your dog doesn’t like it then there’s no point trying to feed it to him/her. Dogs also have different needs for food, be it age, weight, energy level, allergy or dietary needs.

This article may not tell you the best food to feed your dog, but it will help you decipher which food may be better for you to feed him/her.

Reading the label on the food will give you a very good first indication of whether the food is worth feeding your dog or not. You should look for the first ingredient listed on the label. It should be meat… but not JUST ‘meat’! It should clarify what animal the meat comes from, i.e. chicken, beef or lamb. The ingredients listed are in

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JW Solid Rubber Toys Video: Product of the Week

Is your dog a tough chewer who loves to chomp, gnaw, crunch and munch? JW’s Solid Rubber toys are made of durable, tough, natural rubber that’s made especially for the powerful chewers.

So come into Paddington Pups and grab them a toy that they can sink their teeth into and make them happy.

You can purchase your JW toys at Paddington Pups and check out the video below for a demonstration on the range JW offers:... Click here to read more....

Cafes and Hotels on the Sunshine and Gold Coasts proves they’re Dog Crazy

Food Business Owners in Alexandra Headlands now have the choice to either allow dogs in the outdoor dining area or disallow them. Buderim Café owners jumped at the chance to allow dogs into their cafes! Eight owners already have made the change.

Food Business Owner, Rosie Morris, who owns ‘Rosie’s’ explains she will really feel the impact of the new legislation as everyone walks their dogs in Buderim and Mooloolaba and the new law will definitely bring more business to anyone who takes on dogs at their business.

Dog Obedience Club President Colin Ibbotson told news reporters that now the policy has changed, dog owners need to take a lot more responsibility for their dog’s behavior so as not to spoil this mile stone of an opportunity.

Changes to the policy don’t shy away from council bylaws, which means any dog-friendly cafes will have to state where they stand with

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Dog Of The Month Bogart

Paddington Pups Dog

of the Month




Bogart is a funky Bull Terrier who comes in to daycare 2 times a week to play and to have his baths.

He is a very friendly and calm dog who loves his cuddles. Bogart has been spotted spooning Thai the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Unfortunately, poor Bogart has a nasty skin condition which means he is forever itchy. But we love Bogart and when his baths make him feel good it makes us all very happy!

Bogart loves coming into daycare; he runs in pulling his mum, Justine, all the way. He is always so excited, wagging his tail and saying hello to all his friends. Although Bogart never wants to leave – he puts on the brakes until his mum persuades him to leave.

Congratulations Bogart we all know you will enjoy the treats in the prize pack.

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