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Aloveen Shampoo & Conditioner: Product of the Week

Does your dog have skin that gets dry, itchy, red and blotchy?

Aloveen can help!

Aloveen shampoo and conditioner is gentle and hypoallergenic perfect for animals with sensitive and normal skin. It is ideal for pets with atopic and contact dermatitis and great for owners who wish to use natural products.

If the video below looks familiar then Aloveen can help and we look forward to seeing you at Paddington Pups to help you with your Aloveen purchase.

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Cesar Millan Training Starts

We started our training today in Valencia, California at Cesar Millans Dog Rehabilitation Ranch.  So far we have only seen a very small part of the ranch but it is very hot and dry.  It’s at the edge of the desert and one of the first things we were told about even before we got there is to be careful of rattle snakes!

I don’t know how you feel about rattle snakes but I’m not sure that I am  huge fan. I’ll let you know when and if we see one!

There are heaps of dog lovers and trainers on the course and it is really nice being able to talk to these people as they have plenty of information and lots of great story’s to tell.

It’s a little hard for us as we don’t have our dogs for obvious reasons, like the 12 hour flight and quarantine.  We ... Click here to read more....

L.A. Doggy Daycare Centres

OK, so L.A. doggy daycare’s are great! Or is it just because we haven’t seen any dogs in a week and we are having withdrawals…

We went to 3 doggy daycare centres today and spent the most time at LA Dog Works with the owner Andrew. He was a fantastic tour guide and showed us all around his facilities, including his grooming spa, daycare (which they call their “park”) and spent hours with us explaining their processes- he even shouted us lunch!!!
We got to cuddle Amanda Bynes fluffy puppy and Little Jon’s dog – and can I just say, we love cuddling famous people’s dogs…
So the daycare centers are very similar to Paddington Pups but they have a few different features and products all worth looking into, some we will write about.
One of the main things that we noticed were the numbers of daycare centers all in
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K9 Grass A Revolution

Since embarking on this amazing trip to travel to the U.S and spend some time amongst the dog community and with with Cesar Millan, we have been witness to some amazing innovations in the animal industry!

One of the great concepts is the K9 Grass- a type of artificial grass designed specifically for dogs! This amazing product has been used in the US for multiple years now, designed by the well established Forever Lawn company.
The idea of K9 grass came from the company frequently being asked about synthetic grass to be installed for dogs. Although the original synthetic grass has its advantages, it also comes with many setbacks for the usage of pets. The concept of cleaning and draining was difficult and was not providing an easy solution. The issue of odour was also a major drawback!
K9 grass was the first of its kind introduced to the U.S, ... Click here to read more....

Dog Tags and Las Vegas!

So, we have arrived in Las Vegas and as much as we have been looking for Dog Stuff while we get over our jet lag we haven’t seen a single dog in the last 3 days. It’s safe to say that we MISS dogs.

The only dog things we saw were these really cool dog tag engraving souviner things. You give them $10 type in your details and they engrave it on the spot. It’s safe to say now that Boston has a Hard Rock Cafe dog tag and Brooklyn has an M&M’s dog tag.

Given how much we miss all the dogs, we will be very pleased tomorrow when we meet with Andrew from LA Dog Works where we will get to see heaps of dogs and spend time with Andrew. This is super exciting as LA Dog Works is said to be the best doggy daycare centre in ... Click here to read more....

Nutro Natural Choice Video: Product of the Week

Are you looking for a 100% Australian made natural pet food?

Nutro provides good wholesome nutrition for dogs using Australia’s finest ingredients. It has high levels of Linoleic Acid for healthy skin and a glossy coat and you will notice less back yard waste.

Nutro’s simple recipe for superior nutrition, taste and performance does not contain by-products (including heads, feet and intestines), filler grains or preservatives and it contains premium natural nutrition your pets deserve for a happy, healthy and long life.

Check out Nutro’s commercial below. Available in store at Paddington Pups now.

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Hills Science Diet Video: Product of the Week

Vet’s would only feed the very best to their own pets, so you should too. Science Diet is vet’s Number One choice for their own pets.

Science Diet pet foods offer the highest-quality pet nutrition available. It comes in a variety of formulas to suit a variety of dietary needs.

Hills Science diet is available in dry kibble and wet can food with precisely balanced nutrition to maintain a long and healthy life

Come and see us at Paddington Pups to purchase Hill Science Diet and take a look at this video for more information.

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Dogs That Served In The War

Here is a very touching video sent to us curtsy of our friends at Cooinda Cat Resort

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Summer Dog Grooming

As hotter seasons approach us and the weather starts to warm up, we see a lot of dogs starting to get the shave! In some cases this is voluntary, in others it’s a necessity due to a build up of matting over the winter months. dog grooming

Either way, it’s a popular time for grooming appointments! In the last three years, Paddington Pups has seen some rapid growth. In my first year here, it wasn’t unusual to come in on a winter’s day and have no puppies to groom. Now, three years on, at the height of summer, we can be and are booked out up to three weeks in advance!

This is the cause of great frustration for some of our clients. The best way to ensure you have an appointment at a time where your pup won’t be “too far gone” and is convenient for you is to ... Click here to read more....

Eukanuba Video: Product of the Week

Would you rather feed your dog less and have less backyard waste with the reassurance that your dog has healthier skin and coat, stronger bones and reduced tartar build up?

Eukanuba has a variety of diet formulas for dogs based on age, breed and performance. All formulas include the Eukanuba Vital Health System which consists of clinically proven ingredients in six areas that work together to keep dogs at their best. It doesn’t contain fillers so every ingredient satisfies a specific purpose.

Eukanuba foods can be purchased at Paddington Pups come in and see one of our friendly pack leaders and check out the video below for more information and Eukanuba’s unique advertising “tools”.

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