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Popular Dogs Names

Working with roughly 30 – 40 dogs a day in our daycare centre, we come across some very different and original pet names! So this we thought we would investigate some of the most popular pet’s names in Australia. We found these lists on BowWow’s website, and they make this list up from the thousand of pet ID tags they make each year (which we sell here in the shop!). Some of these we see a lot, but there are also a few in the list we have never encountered!

Boys Names

Girls Names









































This first list is made up of the top 20 ... Click here to read more....

Notes from the Grooming Table This Month: A Puppy’s First Groom

lhasa puppy

First grooms can be quite the experience for young pups and first time owners alike, though we usually find that the owners are the more worried of the pair

For a first groom, we generally recommend that your puppy is booked in for a tidy only. This eases puppies into the grooming process as tidies only require your dog to be on the table for about half the length of time as a full groom. A tidy involves a bath, blowdry, nail clipping, shaving of the hygiene areas (under the tail, the abdomen and around the eyes), rounding off the feet, clipping between the pads of the feet and tidying up of the face.

What differentiates the “Tidy” from the “Full Groom” is that the full clip also includes length off the body and legs (in addition to everything above).

To prepare your puppy for it’s first grooming ... Click here to read more....

Dog Jokes

10 Reasons Why It’s Great to be a Dog

1.       If it itches, you can reach it. And no matter where it itches, no one will be offended if you scratch it in public.

2.       No one notices if you have hair growing in weird places as you get older.

3.       Personal hygiene is a blast: No one expects you to take a bath every day, and you don’t even have to comb your own hair.

4.       Having a wet nose is considered a sign of good health.

5.       No one thinks less of you for passing gas. Some people might actually think you’re cute.

6.       Who needs a big home entertainment system? A bone or an old shoe can entertain you for hours.

7.       You can spend hours just smelling stuff.

8.       No one ever expects you to pay for lunch or dinner. You never have to worry about ... Click here to read more....

Wags Day Out

Dear humans,

My name’s Wags and I want to tell you my story of my “Wags day out” to Paddington Pups.

I am a 6 month old Labrador and I’ve been living with my people since I was only 8 weeks old.  I have always appreciated all the  love and attention they give me but recently I have realized that I have way too much energy for my people.  I’ve tried nagging them to take me for more walks and trips to the dog park but they seem to think that one trip to the park a day is enough for me. I thought that if I destroyed my mum’s favorite lounge that she would understand that I want to go to the park but for some reason she thought what I did was naughty and I got in trouble.

The other day I saw my people ... Click here to read more....

Breed Test: Chinese Crested Dog



The Chinese Crested is a world renowned breed due to its unusual appearance! And like most breeds come in two varieties, one with fur and the other, the more famous of the two, without fur.

The Chinese Crested is a very loveable, charming, agile and alert dog. They are also very affectionate and are very playful, making them the perfect dog for families with children.

For the unfortunate people who suffer from dog allergies but are in fact dog lovers, this breed is perfect for you as they are naked making them allergen free.

The hairless variety is very prone to skin injuries as it doesn’t have the normal layer of fur to protect itself. Because of this they are very prone to sunburn when outside. It is also highly recommended that they wear a coat in winter so keep them warm.

Apart from being sunburn prone, the ... Click here to read more....

Dogs in the Service


As ANZAC day approaches we prepare to pay tribute to all the brave men and woman who have given their lives to protect and serve our country. This month we want to pay tribute not only to the brave men and woman but also to thousands of the most unheralded members of the force, the service dogs, who are heavily involved in the war on terror and who also risk their lives daily to protect us.

In the US more than 2300 dogs are involved in the war, and it is these dogs, along with their handlers from every military service, who are deployed worldwide to support the war on terror. They are actively helping to safeguard military bases and activities, and to detect bombs and other explosives before they inflict harm.


The vast majority of military working dogs are German and Dutch shepherds and Belgian malinois. These breeds can ... Click here to read more....

ABC’s of Dog DNA


If you’ve looked over the fence at Paddington Pups I’m sure you have been amazed by the great variety of dog breeds you see.  For reasons both practical and whimsical, man’s best friend has been artificially evolved to become the most diverse species of animal on the planet. This is quite an impressive achievement considering that most of the 350 to 400 dog breeds in existence have only been around a couple hundred years.

When breeders began creating modern breeds they tended to grab desired traits across multiple breeds or would try to rapidly replicate a mutation in order to get the breed they wanted. They also favour novelty, since the more distinct a line of dogs appeared, the more likely it is to gain official recognition as a new breed.

Breeders have fast-forwarded the normal pace of evolution by combining desirable traits from different breeds and accentuating them by ... Click here to read more....

Paddington Pups Dog of the Month – Congratulations Lani!


Lani is our adorable caramel Cavoodle that has been coming to daycare for many years now since she was a tiny puppy! Although Lani is no longer a crazy little adolescent, she still loves coming in to meet all her old friends!

Her friendly and loving nature rubs off onto all the staff to ensure everyone around her falls in love with those puppy dog eyes!

Although Lani does love to curl up in a soft bed and have a nap, she tends to burst full of energy in the afternoon (when everyone else is sleeping!) for some wrestling with her other small pals.

Her closest friends include Piedee the cavoodle and Harry Hairless! Her new found best friend is of course her new little brother Pablo that is just as cute as Lani!

Congratulations little lady, and make sure to share with Pablo!... Click here to read more....

Holiday Safely with Your Pets!

Last month we touched on a few ways to ensure your pet was being looked after properly whilst you were on holidays. This month, especially during Easter breaks, we thought it was important to inform you on the types of dog friendly holidays you can enjoy with your furry family member!

There are so many different forms of dog friendly accommodations, simply type in ‘pet friendly accommodation’ and your Google will light up with hundreds of Colombia Drugshits!

Many camp sites (aside from National Parks) now take properly restrained cats and/or dogs throughout Australia, although it is essential you contact the camping park to find out any conditions/requirements that they may have, and to also ensure the safety of the facility for your pets. Ensure you have properly flea and tick treated your animals before going camping or near the beach, to save yourself the unwanted vet bills associated with ... Click here to read more....

Fun Dog Video’s

These great videos were sent to me by one of our team apparently each one depicts a Paddington Pups team members.  They are so funny I cried a little.  Can you pic which dog video is supposed to represent me or any of the other staff members?

I’ll give you a hint mine is supposed to be me after I have had coffee (which I rarely drink). Bree... Click here to read more....