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Notes From The Grooming Table This Month: Brushing Your Dog

A common question I am asked is “How often should I brush my dog?” Depending on the breed and the type of hair, the answer varies dramatically. If you own a whippet or greyhound, for example, you may never have to brush your dog, or only have to do so once or twice a year to assist in the shedding of dead coat.

If you own a labradoodle, however, you’ll find that the task is a daily requirement of dog ownership. Many people who own dogs like this, (as well as spoodles, cavoodles, old English sheepdogs, etc) like to keep their dogs coats long. The reality is that unless the dog is brushed regularly enough, matts begin to form from knots which become extremely hard to detangle. Once sufficient matting is formed, it becomes impossible – even for groomers – to brush the coat out; and the matt, ... Click here to read more....

Breed Test: Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever



The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is a medium sized gun dog used mainly in hunting. The old breed has been used for generations by duck hunters as it has become a very handy helper throughout the years.

Bred for their fox-like appearance, birds are often intrigued by the splashing in the water and will swim over, allowing the hunter to have a clear shot once the dog is called back.

Although they are often mistaken for Golden Retrievers, they are much more active both physically and mentally- they have a compact chest and smaller, agile legs.

They are also born with webbed feet to help them in the water. They range from a gold to a deep red with white markings.

They do require some grooming as they have a dense second coat to help them in the cold water, so some brushing is essential in summer.

The ... Click here to read more....

Dog Agility

As you would know, Paddington Pups is a great way to wear out your dog and keep them quiet and peaceful at home, but for some owners with high energy dogs, not even a couple days a week of daycare seems to tire them out. An activity which could be considered as an option for this high energy problem, which is both fun for you and your pooch, are dog agility courses.


Dog agility is a sport where you (the handler) guide your dog through a series of obstacles is a safe off leash environment. The handler however is not allowed to touch any of the obstacles or use any sort of treat incentives to help out but much learn to control there dog using vocal commands, movement and body signals.

Your dog can begin training for an agility course at any age but is recommended that they start after ... Click here to read more....

Guide Dogs and How You Can Help

I often see people and guide dogs in training in interesting places, leaving me thinking the hard work that must go in to training one of these puppies into a reliable, self sufficient dog!

According to Guide Dogs Australia, it takes up to two years to properly train a guide dog. The process includes working with purebred Labrador and Golden Retriever puppies from 8 weeks, as they are calm and loyal pets that offer a responsive mind. The puppies are checked over with a fine tooth comb by selected veterinarians to ensure they have a healthy mind and body for the job.

guide dogs

The puppies are then transferred to their ‘puppy families’ (a family chosen to help raise the puppy until it is of 14 months), and then re-join the Guide Dog team when they are ready for more serious training.

For the puppy families, they are responsibly to provide ... Click here to read more....

Is A Barking Collar Right For My Dog?



Although a barking collar can sometimes seem like the quickest and easiest method to stop your dog from barking, it may not be the most suitable technique to stop this naughty habit.

It is important to know that dogs bogs for a variety of reasons. They may bark as a warning or to alert their owners of something such as strangers in the house or yard etc. It may be from anxiety where barking seems to be a method of self soothing, separation anxiety often results in barking. Playful barking or excitement barking are particularly common in young dogs. Other reasons for barking is attention seeking, boredom and responding to other dogs.

The best way to control barking is to start training your dog from a young age. By simply not encouraging barking and by encouraging not barking your dog will learn from an early age what a good behaviour ... Click here to read more....

How To Choose A Boarding Kennel or Dog Care Provider

When it is time for you or your family to head away on a dog-free holiday, it sometimes can prove quite difficult to find the kind of caring facility suitable for your dog. There are a few options to choose from, so you need to make sure you have considered your pet’s needs and health requirements to ensure they are happy (so that you can have a stress-free holiday!). If you do have a dog that has special food/medication requirements, make sure you alert who ever is looking after them of their condition and what they would need to do in case of an emergency.

Boarding Kennel

If you are interested is booking your dog into a boarding kennel while you where away, Queensland have many boarding kennels in that offer a range of services suitable for your pet. In almost all kennels, dogs are handled according to their ... Click here to read more....

Paddington Pups Dog of the Month – Congratulations Milo!


Milo is our chocolate brown Labrador that has joined our doggie daycare since she was a tiny puppy, with her sister the Golden Retriever x Poodle, Eris.

Although both deserve Dog of the Month, we felt Eris had already felt her moment of fame featuring on the cover of MX Magazine alongside Mia!
Milo has also been through a tremendous amount, recovering from a serious knee surgery and going through rehabilitation. Milo is almost 100% now and still joins her friends at least twice a week here at Paddington Pups.

As soon as Milo enters the daycare, her and her sister will play for hours with their favourite toys, only stopping to rest in the middle of the day. Milo is well known for her ‘frog dog’ stance when she is sleeping, where she lies on her stomach and spreads her legs out!

Enjoy your pack Milo, and ... Click here to read more....

New To Paddington Pups – THUNDERSHIRTS

A new product you may have seen on our shelves (or on Demo Dog) is the new Thunder Shirt, a quick and easy solution to anxiety in dogs. Its drug-free system of applying constant pressure to a dogs chest has been recommended all over the world by both trainers and veterinarians, and has been proved to help over 80% of dogs suffering from anxiety!


The Thunder Shirt works as a wrap-around T Shirt that applies pressure to the dogs torso, relieving stress and anxiety. Pressure has been used on humans for years as it has proved to have a calming effect on the nervous system.

Pressure has been used to calm anxiety in cases such as:

Ø      Unsettled infant babies

Ø      Autistic individuals that are anxious

Ø      Children with learning disabilities use weighted shirts to become calm and focus

Ø      Individuals suffering from mental illnesses such as depression and ... Click here to read more....

Notes From The Grooming Table: Hot Spots

Over the past twelve months, with the wetter-than-normal weather, I’ve been getting asked by many of our daycare and grooming clients about hotspots: what are they, and how do dogs get them? As a dog owner whose dog is also predisposed to forming hotspots, I’ve had to do a lot of research and of course spent much time at my vet asking the same questions!

The types of dogs that normally get hotspots are those whose coat holds in moisture, including (but not exclusive to) Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds and Cattle Dogs. When the coat gets wet and consequently takes a long time to dry, the affected area becomes itchy, and often the only “scratching implements” able to reach these areas are your dogs teeth, leading to minor cuts, grazes and other forms of broken skin.

Typical areas to find hotspots include on the back at the base of the ... Click here to read more....

PIAA Pet Store Members Fight to Stamp Out Puppy Farms

News just released earlier today by the Pet Industry Association Australia also know as the PIAA  (which Paddington Pups is a member) released its Dogs Lifetime Guarantee Policy on Traceability and Re-homing for dogs.

This breakthrough new PIAA policy effective in NSW from 1 October 2012, Guarantees that:

Dogs purchased from PIAA member retail stores are sourced from PIAA approved breeders who meet animal welfare standards and whose operations are subject to independent audit by a veterinarian each year.

Any dog purchased from a PIAA member that is subsequently abandoned by its owner will be re-homed and saved from euthanasia. The first state to implement PIAA re-homing is NSW, where PIAA has partnered with RSPCA NSW.

Speaking at the launch at NSW Parliament House, PIAA Chief Executive Roger Perkins said consumers can now be confident that by buying a dog or puppy from a PIAA member store, they ... Click here to read more....