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Your Rights In Brisbane

Unfortunately, not everyone is a dog lover. There are cat lovers, bird lovers, and even rodent lovers among us. They could even live right next to you! Most people are tolerable enough to accept other people’s pet preference as long as it doesn’t interfere with their lives, but there are those who blatantly despise dogs or other animals. Some of these people will go as far as trying to find any little complaint they possibly can and file it in an attempt to have your dog taken from you. No one wants to lose their families precious canine member which is why it is in your best interest to know your rights as a Brisbane Council resident and dog owner. As long as you follow the guidelines and responsibilities set by the Brisbane Council, you have nothing to fear from any dog hating neighbors.

The Brisbane Council has stated ... Click here to read more....

Other Services at Paddington Pups

Our team offers a number of services you may have not been aware of!

These include:

Teeth Cleaning: 80% of dogs have oral hygiene issues, and this is a lot like your own teeth cleaning with specialised dog tooth paste (flavoured of course) and specifically designed to assist in removing plaque and tarter. This is not as thorough as a teeth clean at your vet where your dog will be sedated and its teeth cleaned, but will still benefit your dog. At Paddington Pups this teeth clean is better off done regularly and can be used in conjunction with other teeth cleaning products like dog food specifically designed for oral care. $15

Conditioning Treatment: This is an oatmeal-based leave-in conditioner that smells divine but also conditions and softens the hair similar to a human conditioner. This is particularly good for dogs with dry skin, minor skin irritations or that ... Click here to read more....

Dog Of The Month February- “Charlie”

Charlie is a beautiful Golden Retriever who has been joining us here at Paddington Pups for many years.

Charlie, who has a sweet but cheeky streak, has been so close to being our dog of the month for quite some time now, but until now every time he got close he would go on a bed destroying mission or assist in the destruction of soft toys with his pals!

Charlie has, however, late last year and early this year been very well behaved so we are very happy for him to be Paddington Pups dog of the Month for February!

Charlie’s best friends that he loves romping in the day with include Cooper, Chelsea, Abby and Holly.

When Charlie is going through a cheeky spell he particularly likes to cause havoc with Macca the German Pointer, another mischievous pup!

Congratulations Charlie, we know you will enjoy your treat pack, ... Click here to read more....

Tricks Your Dog Can Do

high 5

Teaching your dog tricks is not serious business like obedience training. In fact, the main reason for teaching your dog tricks is simply for both of you to have fun. Teaching them tricks is another way to bond with them and play with them. In fact, your dog even becomes more confident as he accomplishes the basics of repetition and reward when you teach them tricks. Furthermore, your dog uses up a lot of pent-up energy that causes him/her stress (as talked about in another post here). The most important reason to teach your dog tricks is to tap his innate ability to learn things.

Whenever you start teaching tricks your dog can do, always keep things simple and fun at all times. This will allow him to follow along easily and not get frustrated and give up. Therefore, keep your training time short and limited to one trick until ... Click here to read more....

Do Dogs Really Look Like Their Owners?



Could you flip through a photo album and guess exactly what breed dog that person probably owns?

According to researchers in the United Kingdom, the answer is, “Yes.” At Bath Spa University, a study conducted by psychologists resulted in dog owners being accurately matched with the breed of dog they owned more than fifty percent of the time. Meanwhile, a University of California study reported that purebred dogs especially looked like their owners. In fact, the latter psychological study concluded people who owned purebred dogs actually decided on the breed of their dog based on the breed’s similarity to them whether consciously or subconsciously.

As you might have noticed we mentioned dogs looking like their owners is all psychology. The parallels are not limited to physical appearance either but apparently in a large part due to personal quirks that affect how we look. For example, if you like to ... Click here to read more....

Breed Test: Maremma



The Maremma was originally bred to guard flocks in their early origin, but have now adapted to the life of companion dogs. This beautiful looking breed is a large dog, with a long snout and triangular ears. Although they look like a white Golden Retriever, they are not actually related through origin!

Although they are mainly white, they can be found with ivory and caramel markings occasionally. Their nose is jet black as puppies, but often changes to a light pink with age.

Although the breed is a loyal and loving companion, they do require plenty of exercise as they are used to roaming wide open spaces. A big back yard is a requirement, and long walks daily are recommended.

They are also fantastic guard dogs but not described as constant barkers. Their all-weather coat allows them to sleep comfortably outside in any condition.

Although they are a loving ... Click here to read more....

Do Dogs Get Hiccups?


sad puppy

Dogs are very much like their owners. They get anxious (stressed out), they need exercise to feel good physically and mentally, and they even suffer from hiccups. You may have not heard your dog have an attack of the hiccups. They are more common in puppies than in adult dogs, but they will happen. Because dog hiccups aren’t uniform, they can cause dog owners some amount of fear and anxiety. Sometimes dog hiccups have long pauses between them while other times they happen so quickly their owners might miss them completely!

However, dog hiccups like your own hiccups are due to diaphragm spasms and are more or less harmless. Puppies suffer from hiccups more due to their normal fast growth outside and inside.

Dog hiccups are usually self-curing, going away in time. While humans have certain ways to get rid of hiccups such as drinking water, the same ... Click here to read more....