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Dog Exercises


Just like studies show that exercise has both mental and physical benefits to us (humans), exercise has similar benefits for your dog’s body and state-of-mind. In fact, Vets recommend daily exercise for your dog. Furthermore, exercising with your dog has bonus benefits for you. Therefore, the next time your dog gets his daily dose of exercise (and vets do recommend they have some form of daily exercise regardless of breed or size), you should come along too. Here are some invigorating exercises your dogs do with you.

First, the easiest exercise you and your dog can do is to take a walk. If you want to take a run or jog, that’s fine too, but at the minimum, take your dog and yourself out for a walk. Twice a day is recommended, but if you can’t find the time, a good, long walk will do. How long? Well, you ... Click here to read more....

Paddington Pups Exponential Entrepreneur of the Year AGAIN!!!!

Bree Robbins 2011 Exponential Entrepreneur Of The Year Award Winner with Dr Marc Dussault

What an honor is has been to be chosen as the Exponential Entrepreneur of the Year for the second year in a row!  The award is for the Queensland Service Industry and we now proudly have both awards hanging on the wall at Paddington Pups.

Paddington Pups has taken out the award this year because of the tremendous things and improvements that we have made since the January floods.  This is recognition of how much the business has grown, changed and developed this year even though in we were taken back to basically nothing!

It took a lot of hard work and dedication during the recovery period and I certainly couldn’t have done it without the massive amounts of help we got from you, our clients, and the general public so thank you once again.

This award is presented to entrepreneurs and business people who have demonstrated excellence, ... Click here to read more....

Why Socialize Your Dog?


Have you ever come across a dog that was unnecessarily protective of its owner or extremely frightened when visitors dropped by? While not always the case, many dogs who exhibit such behavior lacked proper socialization during their younger days. Unfortunately, it is more common than you may want to believe. Some owners simply don’t have time to introduce their dog to the world or rescued an abused canine that didn’t have a loving family who cared about introducing their pet to the world. Non-socialized dogs often develop behavioral problems and display violent aggression or fear when introduced to a new environment or when new items or people are introduced into the canine’s existing environment. Socializing your dog will help him or her be more happy, healthy, and accepting of new things.

How do you properly socialize your dog? The best time to start is when he or she is a ... Click here to read more....

Breed Test: Basset Hound

basset hound

The Basset Hound is a low-lying scent hound, with its nose coming second to only that of the Bloodhound! The originally French breed was used to hunt rabbits and hares with its incredible scent-tracking ability.

The short but long breed has been known to reach 40 kilograms, growing to around 4 foot long! They come in a variety of colours including tri-colour, tan and white and even lemon!

The Basset Hound has been found to have many health issues due to their dwarfism, and suffer many ear problems. Bassets need to be exercised to reduce the risk of obesity and damage to their joints in the legs.

The hound is described to be the perfect family pet, proving gentle with children and other family pets. They do require exercise but will often sleep through most of the day!

They are well known for being a vocal breed, barking and howling ... Click here to read more....

A Year On From The 2011 Floods

It’s been 12 months now since the devastating floods of January 2011, it’s hard to believe a whole year has passed by so quickly.

I am pleased tStaff Flood Photoo say, however, that the hard work required to clean and rebuild is over now for us here at Paddington Pups. I know plenty of people are still trying to rebuild their homes and lives still 12 months on, and all our sympathy and support are with them during such a challenging time.

Since January, our business has made many significant changes and improvements, to ensure our services are as good as they can be and your dogs are in the safest hands.

Just a few points, here at Paddington Pups in 2011 we have achieved:

  1. Re-built the walls
  2. Re-surfaced the floors
  3. Re-stocked the shelves
  4. Replaced all the wall mounts and shelves
  5. Re-built the counter
  6. Rewired the whole business
  7. Replaced
... Click here to read more....

Welcome Back to Paddington Pups!!

The team at Paddington Pups would like to welcome all our clients and their puppies back to yet another fantastic year! We hope you have had a wonderful break and a nice rest, rearing to go again.

The staff would like to thank our clients for the wonderful (and delicious!) Christmas treats we were given, every year our fantastic clientele shower us with so many gifts and cards! We truly feel blessed to be able to work with such great dogs and owners – Thank You!

While 2011 still ended up being a good year for us here at Paddington pups it was a hard year with the floods, the re build and being declined payment from our insurance company.  After all the hard work that was January and the months of juggling accounts after the floods we were back in full swing and full spirits again soon enough.  ... Click here to read more....

Paddington Pups Dog of the Month – Congratulations Maddie!

DOM Maddy

Maddie, our picture perfect Golden Retriever, has been regularly joining our daycare since she was a very young puppy.

Looking past her exceptional looks, Maddie is also a very sweet and gentle puppy, making friends of all sizes and shapes in the daycare!

Her best play mates include Amber, another puppy Golden Retriever as well as Holly Labrador, and loves licking hellos to Pepa the Schnauzer as soon as she comes in!

Although Maddie can be found romping and rolling for most of the day, she does also enjoy having a peculiar nap in the middle of our play sessions (our loudest time of day)!

Maddie is a regular in the splash pool, ‘snorkelling’ with her bum in the air whilst chasing toys around and around.

Congratulations gorgeous girl, all the staff are over-joyed you are receiving dog of the month and we hope you enjoy your presents!!... Click here to read more....