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Pet Ownership in Australia

For years Australia has held the title of having one of the highest incidences of pet ownership in the world.

Ninety one percent of pet owners in Australia state they consider their pets to be integral parts of the family. Eighty three percent of people claim pets were a normal part of their childhood in one way or another. These statistics have been taken by a variety of different organizations and each concludes that Australia is not only one of the biggest pet owning countries in the world; it is also one of the most caring and humane as well.

In 2009, the ACAC, Australian Companion Animal Council, released their newest report on the ‘Contribution of the Pet Care Industry to the Australian Economy’. This report not only discusses the monetary status of pet care in Australia but also states the most accurate and up-to-date figures of pet ownership ... Click here to read more....

Breed Test: Greyhounds

Italian_Greyhound_Middle_AgedThe Greyhound is a well-renowned sight hound breed primarily for racing but has climbed the ladder as one of the most common dogs to show.

Its easily distinguishable look is the perfect build for agility, with a deep chest and long legs for running quickly for long distances. They have a huge heart (literally!) and deep muscle build, perfect for the athletic animal.

They come in at least 30 different colours- wow! The male Greyhound’s can grow up to 80cm tall, with the females a little bit shorter.

Although many fear Greyhounds as aggressive dogs due to them wearing muzzles whilst racing, this is actually to prevent their thin skin from being nipped whilst racing.

Greyhounds have a beautiful nature, proving very gentle with children and a perfect quiet family pet.

Every year, thousands of racing Greyhounds are abandoned after they ‘peak’ and require re-homing. Although it is commonly perceived ... Click here to read more....

Is Your Worming Up-To-Date?

With so many products on the market offering different combinations and levels of protection, it can be quite confusing as to what we are treating in our dogs, what we should be treating, and how often we should be administering treatment. As we have been aware of cases breaking out recently, we would like to remind owners to keep their worming up-to-date.

Unlike fleas (which are predominantly problematic in the summer months and in warm, humid climates) worms need to be treated for all year round. Some flea treatments are bundled in with worming, so if fleas are not apparent in the cooler seasons, we sometimes tend to be more relaxed about treating our dogs at this time.

Worms such as tapeworm (Echinococcus granulosus and Dipylidium caninum being the most common) are especially significant if your dog often socialises with other dogs, it contributes to the loss of condition ... Click here to read more....

How Changes At Home Affect Your Dog

Changes in your daily routine and the home environment can affect your dog and its behaviour without you even realising it.  If something does occur and it is left, behaviour problems become very hard to fix and require expensive and extensive

There are always lots of things going on in our daily lives, with regards to our home life, work life, school life, our health, financial situations and the list goes on.  Any small change in your behaviour or stress levels can cause your dog to start acting differently in many different ways, with the most common being anxiety and stress.  These lead to behaviours such as sibling rivalry, jealousy, barking, digging, escaping, aggression, destruction and lack of attention to you and your commands.

Some of the biggest changes in our lives can be moving house, relationship breakdowns, employment changes, having a baby and of course a ... Click here to read more....

How Walking Your Dog Helps You!

Most dog owners know that walking their dog regularly for only twenty minutes out the day can do wonders for their dog’s health and longevity. However, even though most dog owners understand the importance of walking their dog regularly, a small percentage actually commits to doing so. Most people lead busy lives and find it hard to take the time to take their lovable canine companions out every day. Instead we decide to send them out to the backyard or get someone else to take our dog for a walk. Your furry friend may be getting his or her regular dose of exercise but you are still hurting yourself.

Most people forget, get caught up in their work, or simply cannot find the drive to go out and exercise by themselves. This is where your dog comes in. Your dog can be your reminder and exercise coach without doing anything ... Click here to read more....

Is Your Puppy Still Cold?

The recent cold snaps throughout the last few weeks have surely been felt by us, but have you thought about your four-legged companions? They too struggle in this frostbite weather, so take a few steps to keep them warm this winter.

Paddington Pups has had a huge influx of queries for jumpers, so make sure you come in store to see our range of coats, jumpers and cardigans for all shapes and sizes. We also have plenty of fleecy and soft beds to meet any price range, including machine washable round beds to nylon hose-able beds!

Our hydrobath also offers heated water, so don’t deny them the opportunity to keep clean- we also offer blow dries in case it’s just a touch too chilly! If it’s grooming you’re after, remember our tidy service only takes length off their face, feet, hygiene areas and tail with a bath and blow-dry, ... Click here to read more....

Issues at Your Local Dog Park?

Living inner-city in Brisbane, it is fantastic we can offer our dogs somewhere to run around and socialise like a dog park, with hundreds scattered throughout the area. They can stretch their legs, meet other pooches and you get the chance to catch up with friends or read the paper.

However, every dog park has their own issues. Everyday owners are faced with the issue of unfriendly and unsocial dogs. Unfortunately there is a catch 22 of trying to socialise unfriendly dogs: where do you do it! This often ends in aggressive and unsocialised dogs in our local dog parks causing trouble amongst other dogs. There have been many reported incidents of aggressive dog attacks in Brisbane dog parks, some even ending in death. If you feel you are in the presence of an aggressive dog in your local park, make sure you keep an eye on your dog(s) or ... Click here to read more....

Did You Know… Paddington Pups Fun Facts!

Well it’s the end of the Financial Year and on to a new one, so we have been busy looking at all our figures and statistics – Yes even a dog business has heaps of statistics we look at but here are some of the figures that you probably didn’t know – some even we didn’t even know until recently!

At Paddington Pups we bath over 2,320 dogs per year – that’s a lot of dirty dogs!!!

We are open 290 days a year! (That’s plenty of puppy-loving days!)

We look after dogs every day and we see dogs over and over again but we are responsible for the wellbeing of all the dogs every day.  So if we look at the number of dogs we see in a day over the course of a year we look after 11,050 dogs – that will include your dog a few times ... Click here to read more....

Paddington Pups Dog of the Month July- Gumbo

GUMBOGumbo is our adorable Miniature Schnauzer who frequently visits daycare with his energetic and well-renowned and notorious sister, Dixie the Boston Terrier!

Although Dixie is known for her energetic and boisterous behaviour to say the least, we couldn’t look past her fun-loving and slightly calmer brother for the month of July!

Each morning, Gumbo welcomes the staff with a huge entrance as he sprints from the car before Dixie can catch him and barking “Good Morning!”

Gumbo is notorious for ‘stripping’ other dogs out of the jumpers and coats as they play, which gives everyone a huge laugh. Gumbo also gets his groom here at Paddington Pups, proving a total delight on the grooming table. He will always lead the other pack members during play, chasing the ball back and forward with his ‘happy growl’!

Congratulations Gumbo, and remember to share some of those treats with Dixie Dog!... Click here to read more....