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3 Important Things The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan, Can Teach You About Running A Business

Today’s blog post is from Dr Marc Dussault, a dog lover and The Exponential Growth Strategist. He often passes by Paddington Pups to see our mutts, pups and purebreds.

First, you need to become the ‘pack leader’ – we teach this in our Professional Mastery Programs and in our cornerstone event Unleash The Speaker Within™ as well as the lead-in event Become The Next Corporate Rockstar™. As Cesar explains, dogs are pack animals and are always jockeying for the top dog position – the “Alpha Dog” that all other dogs surrender to and follow. In business, if you are an owner-operator or corporate executive leading a team, you must win the hearts and minds of staff and other key stakeholders.

Second, you need to assume a calm and assertive attitude- in business that translates to what we can a Professional Persona™ – whereby you establish ... Click here to read more....

Paddington Pups First Official Calendar

These past few months Bree has been working hard putting together the first official Paddington Pups calendar. Full of all our Dog’s of the month the calendar will go on sale mid November.

It is full of all the beautiful photo’s Ross the professional Photographer has taken over the past 12 months showing some of daycares regular pooches that we’ve all fallen in love with. We hope all of our wonderful parents will purchase one to remind them of the fun times their dogs have at school.

The calendar will have all the important dates marked throughout including RSPCA events, anything dog related and the all important moon cycles (so we can all be prepared for our fur baby’s to turn wild).

So when you see the calendar displayed in the shop, be sure to check it out.  You might also get a heads up on who our December Dog ... Click here to read more....

Breed Test – Boxer

boxerThe Boxer’s lineage can be traced back to the late 1800’s in Germany, bred from a now extinct Mastiff breed called the Bullenbeisser.

Later on the Boxer was utilised in World War 1 as a messenger dog, pack carrier and attack dog but it wasn’t until the Second World War that the breed spread around the world with soldiers bringing it home to act as companion animals and guard dogs.

Boxer’s are brachycephalic (they have broad short skulls with compacted snouts) much like a Pug or Bulldog.

Boxers are a large breed with a stocky front end and lean rear. Originally the ears were cropped and the tail was docked but thankfully this trend is now becoming outdated and the breed is being left un-altered.

Boxers come in a range of colours with the standards being fawn and brindle with white flashes. The breed also comes in white and sometimes ... Click here to read more....

Escape Behaviour and Your Dog

Escape behaviour is a common problem faced by dog owners everywhere. You may find your dog trying to dart past you out the door as you adog diggin in yardre trying to leave, jumping the fence in the back yard, or possibly tunnelling under the fence and creating his or her own escape route. Many dogs could give Harry Houdini a run for his money. A good majority of owners face these problems by use of punishment or by trying to sneak out themselves without alerting their dog of their departure until it is too late. These are not the proper ways to deal with escape behaviour. There are a variety of reasons why your dog could be trying to dash his or her way to freedom. Understanding the reason behind their attempt at the great escape can help you fix the problem quite easily.

The most common reason for escape behaviour ... Click here to read more....

Benefits of Desexing Your Dog

While there are those that disagree with the practice, the majority of dog owners know that desexing their canine companions is one of the first things that should be done in a dog’s life. This is, of course, unless you are planning on breeding your dog and have the accommodations and finances necessary to take care of litters of puppies. However, the average dog owner does not plan on breeding their dog. People are becoming new dog owners everyday and many either do not understand why their dog should be desexed or believe it is an unnecessary practice done for the owners benefit. The fact is that there are a variety of benefits for both the dog and the owner.

The first obvious owner benefit is financial. If your dog were to have a litter it can cost thousands of dollars in veterinary expenses. Each puppy needs to be ... Click here to read more....

Dogs and Good Table Manners – With or Without Visitors

November sees the approach of the season of many dinners and social events.  So what happens when you have guests over for dinner, lunch or Christmas Events? I know it’s the dream of every dog owner you know that their cute little dog will become a darling and impress not only the family but especially when guests are visiting. We all want to see our dog behave well and when they do it is always with pride that they get rewarded loudly so that every visitor can take note of how nice a doggie we have. But most dog owners will tell you that this is easier said than done. What with dogs who will sit there at the head of the table whimpering and drooling as your visitors eat or one who habitually begs for food: he end up embarrassing everyone in the process.Dog eating off table

Apart from the few cases ... Click here to read more....

Some Common Mistakes When Doing Basic Dog Grooming Yourself at Home

The majority of dog owners would never dream of intentionally harming their furry canine companions. However, day after day hundreds and thousands of dogs are harmed, irritated, or otherwise negatively affected by common mistakes their owners make while grooming them at home. These mistakes can mostly be avoided by exercising extreme caution and understanding what not to do.

One of the most common mistakes people make while grooming their own dog is made while they are clipping his or her nails. Just like when you clip your own nails, you can clip a dog’s nails too far back to where he or she will begin to bleed. As you can imagine, this is painful to your dog and a quick way to make him or her fearful every time you pick up the clippers. In order to avoid this issue you need to be aware of your dogs quick. ... Click here to read more....

5 Helpful Tips to Reduce Barking At Home

Dogs bark. It is a simple fact that we all learn when we are little kids whether our family owns a dog or not. Barking is a natural vocalized communication method that domesticated canines participate in fairly regularly. The problem is when your dog begins barking for no reason what-so-ever. Almost all dog owners have run into this problem. You’re enjoying the peace and quiet of your own home when all of a sudden Fido breaks the tranquility with his own harsh melody. You go check the front door, no one is there. You check the sides and the back of the house, nothing out of place. You find Fido and he is just standing there barking at the ceiling for no reason at all. There are a variety of reasons why dogs bark, the following are five common ways to reduce the occurrence of random barking.

Dog on Treadmill

1. Get your ... Click here to read more....

Daycare Changes

After several visits to some long established and successful doggy daycare centres in Melbourne and Sydney that manage up to 60 dogs a day we have taken some new puppy management strategies on board.

Since the rain we have had has been so consistent lately we have been able to test the theory that not walking the dogs helps them settle more. Well, I was at first very sceptical and was sure that if we didn’t walk the dogs they would all be way too excitable and loud causing endless problems but as it turns out without the disruption of the members of the pack coming and going while the other dogs watched and waited their turn the dogs are a lot more settled!

During the last few weeks of October we have trialled not walking the dogs and instead replacing this with a very active and structured day filled ... Click here to read more....

New Computer System

We have finally found a doggy daycare centre tracking and management system. This new system will allow us to better manage accounts, track puppy birthdays, allow us to contact you much quicker should we need to, send reminders about vaccinations and heaps of other important stuff. The new system, just like any other new system implimentation, will take some getting used to by the team and during this time we will have extra staff working to ensure minimal impact is felt. We may however need your patience during this time but hope this will cause no delays or issues for you.... Click here to read more....