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Everything You Wanted to Know About Intestinal Worms (and Some You Didn’t…)

It’s a subject we don‘t like to ask about, something we avoid acknowledging and hope our dog doesn’t become inflicted.  But knowledge is the key to preventing and avoiding our dogs from becoming a host to worms.  There are five different varieties of intestinal worms: Hookworms, Roundworms, Whipworms, Flea Tapeworms and Hydatid Tapeworms.  Adult worms cannot be transmitted to humans however larvae and eggs can.

Hookworms burrow into the animal’s intestinal wall and suck blood from the host.  It can be picked up from your dog eating worm eggs off of the ground or by the larvae being present in the environment can penetrate the skin of the belly or feet.  The larvae can also be passed through a mother’s milk to her suckling young.  Hookworm larvae can penetrate human skin and can cause intense itching, intestinal bleeding, abdominal pain and diarrhoea.  The symptoms of Hookworm infection are diarrhoea (sometimes ... Click here to read more....

Dog’s in Utes

It’s an Aussie tradition, getting Blue to hop in the back of the ute and heading off the shops.  However, RSPCA statistics show around 5000 dogs each year are injured or killed as a result of falling from a motor vehicle.  Frightening numbers for something we view to be so harmless.Ute-Inside-Dog-cage

In Queensland transporting an unrestrained dog can be in breach of both the Transport Operations (Road Use Management — Road Rules) Regulation 1999 and the Animal Care and Protection Act 2001.  The Transport Operations Regulation states it is an offence to have an unrestrained load on the back of a vehicle, this also applies to dogs.

The Animal Care and Protection Act places a duty of care on the owner’s of animals to ensure the welfare needs of the animal are met.  A breach of duty of care can result in a fine of $22, 500 or one ... Click here to read more....

Breed Test: Miniature Schnauzer

miniature schnauzerThe Miniature Schnauzer is the small variety of Schnauzer originating in Germany in the mid 19th century.  Originally bred to be farm dogs due to their ratting and vermin hunting ability.  Due to their high vocal range Mini Schnauzers were also employed to guard crops.

This breed was developed by crossing the standard Schnauzer with one or more smaller breeds such as the Poodle or Affenpinscher.

By show standards the Mini Schnauzer comes in four colours; black, salt and pepper, black and silver, and white.  A typical Schnauzer cut is trimmed short on the body with the hair on the ears, legs and edge of the body (furnishings) kept long.

This breed is one of the more popular breeds of the 20th century due to its alert, spirited and aim-to -please attitude.

Mini Schnauzers tend to be guarded towards strangers until a degree of trust is earned, ... Click here to read more....

Introduction to Dog First Aid

A lot of us have completed First Aid courses to ensure we know exactly how to react if we injure ourselves or if our loved ones are hurt, but what about our dogs?  Knowing basic canine first aid can mean the difference between life and death in the midst of an emergency.  Remember though, no amount of first aid will compensate for vet treatment and all the information provided here is to ensure your dog makes it into the hands of a professional in time.  This is only a very basic guide, be sure to do some more research or perhaps even a class!  Having the know-how could save your dog’s life.

dog_first_aidFirst Aid Kit – The most essential part of first aid is to ensure you have the gear to assist your pooch.  A  canine first aid kit is very similar to a human first aid kit, consisting ... Click here to read more....

Did You Know…?

  • Dogs, wolves and foxes are descended from a tiny, weasel-like mammal named Miacis.  It was a tree-dwelling creature which existed about 40 million years ago.
  • Dogs are considered colour blind and can’t see as well as humans.  Dog’s see objects first by their movement, then by their brightness, and third by their shape.
  • The average city dwelling dog lives 3 years longer than a country dog.
  • Basset Hounds can’t swim.
  • Three dogs survived the sinking of the Titanic – a Newfoundland, a Pomeranian, and a Pekinese.
... Click here to read more....

Even Toy Poodles Can Deter Burglars!

There are many proven benefits to dog ownership: longer life, healthier lifestyle, happier person. But did you know that studies have shown even just thinking there is a dog on your premises can deter a burglar.

Purchasing or adopting a dog primarily for the purpose of guarding your home is never a good idea.  But your lovely, smoochy, fur baby who wouldn’t hurt a fly can often provide a very good brick wall to any criminal looking to enter your property.

According to the Commonwealth Government’s Crime Prevention paper ‘Lock Burglars Out’, most burglars are opportunists, meaning they will see a door or window open and on a spur of the moment decision will enter.  In the same paper, a study conducted in the ACT showed that 75% of burglars will avoid breaking into houses that have a dog present or barking.

Additionally, according to the NRMA, many ... Click here to read more....

Dog Treats Done Right

We’ve all heard the term ‘positive reinforcement’.  Most of us usually use a tasty morsel to gain and keep our dogs attention during training or day to day life.  Whether you use a carob treat, dental chew or raw chicken wing, it is always beneficial to be fully aware of the dangers and benefits of treats while your best friend chows down.


Deciding on the right treat can be a process of trial and error.  Every breed and dog size will have varying requirements in regards to size, nutrition and consistency.  For instance, a marrow chew intended for a small breed dog will be made short work of by a Staffy.  If your pup has special health requirements you can also do some homework to find a treat that is not only good as a reward but also beneficial.  Genuine rawhide treats can be a good idea for dogs with ... Click here to read more....

Paddington Pups October Dog of the Month

OCTOBER 2010 ChilliChilli is relaxed, modest and charming.  When she looks up at you with those big puppy dog eyes she can make even the coldest of hearts melt.

Chilli is one of those dogs you just love to cuddle, and secretly talk to on the louder dog days.  Chilli loves to hang out in the small dog section, often keeping the groomers company, and just roll with the motions of a day at Paddington Pups.

She loves her walks, around the stadium or just around the block.  She is always easy to stroll along side of.  A nice relaxed walk with Chilli is just what the doctor prescribes.

You will rarely hear a peep out of her.  Although Chilli does not look for attention, you can’t help but give it when you look down and see her gazing up at you.  I would challenge anyone to resist the charm of ... Click here to read more....

New Grooming Area – Plus Extra Space in Daycare

Paddington Pups has recently constructed a new grooming area for our wonderful groomers, Lisa and Suzy.  We’ve relocated the grooming tables and gear into the old office and staff room behind the treats table and secured the area with gates.

The new area also has windows installed so there is a clear view out to the daycare, to make sure everyone is having a good time.  All of this work didn’t happen overnight, however.  As it happens, Bree and her Dad were at the store until 10pm some nights doing the fitting, installing and securing the gates to ensure minimum disruption for any of the dogs.

Paddington Pups Before

Before New Grooming Area

Paddington Pups After

After New Grooming Area

Throughout the day the grooming area will become home to the dogs in need of a haircut and will keep Lisa and Suzie company.  The new area will also free up a lot more ... Click here to read more....

Paddington Pups Misses Out on Paws and Claws Award

This is the first year Paddington Pups has been nominated for any categories for the Paws and Claws Awards.  We missed out this year, but next year we will be raring to go and encouraging all our fans to get behind us and vote.  We wish huge congratulations to all of this year’s winners and we can’t wait for the awards to come around again next year!

Paddington Pups was nominated in 4 categories; Best Mate, Best Stylist, Best Pet Store That Doesn’t Sell Pets, and Biggest Heart.  What a huge accomplishment just to be nominated!... Click here to read more....