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Dogs’ Sixth Sense to Assist Seizure Sufferers

Dog lSeizure Dogovers have always known the endless devotion our pooches feel for us, and now there are very special dogs that can provide security and safety for the 50 million people who suffer from Epilepsy and unpredictable seizures.

A large number of seizure sufferers are unable to undertake the most common of activities like cooking dinner, showering or shopping, without supervision or paranoia of an attack.

This sort of condition and constantly supervised lifestyle can often result in a complete loss of independence and privacy, and can even be detrimental to the emotional health of a sufferer.

Dogs have been trained to assist the blind, sniff out bombs and drugs and assist the police and forces. Over the past 20 years a new brand of assistance animal has emerged; the ‘Seizure Alert Dog’ or ‘Response Dog’. These animals have the innate ability to sense when a seizure may ... Click here to read more....

About the Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog The Bernese Mountain Dog is categorised in the working dog group and was used as a general farm animal, they were also utilised for their size and strength to pull carts and as draft animals.

This breed can grow to up to 70cm high and weigh up to 55kg. Bernese have a distinctly marked tri-colour coat, black with white chest and rust coloured markings.

Even though they have medium coats a good brush once a week should suffice to keep him/her in good shape. The temperament of the Bernese is sweet and affectionate, making it an ideal family dog; they have a good nature and should be quite docile around strangers.

The Bernese is an outdoor dog at heart; they do not have a great deal of endurance, but can move with bursts of speed. Bernese dogs crave love and affection, regularly.... Click here to read more....

Did You Know…? Dog Facts

  • It takes 19 muscles or more to move a dog’s ear.
  • There are an estimated 400 million dogs in the world
  • Petting dogs is proven to lower your blood pressure
  • The biggest recorded dog was ‘Zorba’ an English mastiff who measured 8ft 3 inches from nose to tail and weighed 343 pounds
  • One female dog and her female offspring pups can produce 4372 puppies in 7 years!
... Click here to read more....

Dogs and Nail Clipping

Clipping your dogs nails yourself can be a daunting task, but patience, the right equipment and a little know how can help you out if yDog Nail Clipping Guideou would prefer to do it yourself at home.

Firstly, you do have to be a little bit careful and hold your dog in a firm but gentle position so that they can’t suddenly pull away from you whilst you are clipping.

If your dog’s nails are white it is much easier to clip, whilst black nails are more difficult to judge. You should only clip the very tip off the nail with a pair of dog specific nail clippers. And you mustn’t cut too short otherwise you risk severing the ‘quick’ – the pink fleshy bit that grows through the nail. The quick is packed with blood vessels that bleed profusely if cut into and is also painful for your pooch. If ... Click here to read more....

Canine Cuisine

Variety is the spice of life! Even though we at Paddington Pups stock a range of highly nutritional and tasty dinner’s and treats, every dog loves the surprise of receiving a totally new and delicious meal. Now we can create cuisine meals fit for a queen’s corgi!

Your biggest problem will be making sure they don’t get too used to it!

Here are some recipes which are creative and delicious for your beloved canines.Dog and Food Bowl


½ kg of ground beef (the low fat variety is always recommended)

2/3 cup grated cheddar cheese

1 carrot, finely chopped or grated

1 cup wholemeal breadcrumbs

2 eggs, whisked

3 Tablespoons tomato paste

Preheat oven to 180 °C

Combine all ingredients.

Scoop out with a desert spoon and roll into balls.

Place meatballs on a cookie sheet sprayed with non-fat cooking spray.

Bake for 15 to 20 minutes.

Cool and store ... Click here to read more....

HELP! My Dog Chews Everything!

Puppy Chewing ShoeIt’s impossible to stop a dog from chewing completely; however, there are steps to manage this behaviour.

Be sure to ‘dog proof’ your house and belongings by putting away any objects that could end up chewed to oblivion.

Provide your dog with a range of appropriate chew toys, and be sure to alternate toys regularly to prevent boredom. A good idea is to freeze a chew toy, as this can provide relief for a teething puppy.

Be sure to exercise your dog regularly to get out any built up energy and give him/her the mental and physical stimulation needed for a happy puppy.

Do not punish your dog for chewing, this will only cause confusion and will teach him/her to chew only when you are not in sight. ... Click here to read more....

Old Dogs CAN Learn New Tricks – Dog Myths Busted!

There’s an endless supply of myths out there in relation to dog behaviour and training, speak to any dog enthusiast and you will come across an array of beliefs seemingly handed down from generation to generation. So which ones do we believe and which ones are pure hogwash?

Old DogMyth #1:

“Old dogs can’t learn new tricks, only puppies have the ability to learn new things.”

This age old myth is definitely one that should be left to the dogs; it is more useful as a metaphor than something to judge your own dogs training capacity by. While younger dogs may pick up voice, facial and hand commands quicker there is nothing to say older dogs, with the training know-how, can’t just as easily learn new things.

Dogs that have life experience may have picked up bad habits and lack of obedience from previous owners, inconsistent or punishing training ... Click here to read more....

Impossible Dog Picture

Today’s blog post is courtesy of Dr Marc Dussault, The Exponential Growth Strategist who teaches his clients to have fun, doing out-of-the-ordinary things that create extra-ordinary results with the least amount of effort and lowest cost. At his recent business building bootcamp,  he showed us a series of Impossible Pictures created by Erik Johansson, a Swedish artist with an incredible imagination and exceptional talent.

The photo below is just one of several dozen photographic creations that twisted our perceptions of reality in a very fun way. Marc forwarded this to me because as a fellow dog lover, he thought you’d enjoy this one in particular!

Impossible Dog Picture Impossible Dog Picture... Click here to read more....

Blood Donor Dogs

Donor animals play a crucial role in the success of our vets. Just like humans, when an animal suffers an accident or disease, a transfusion sometimes becomes necessary.

In the past vets have had to keep their own supply of blood, rely on their own dogs as donors and the generosity of clients to acquire blood.

The Australian Kennel Council is asking owners to donate their dog’s blood and the facilities are now available for all of us to help. Dogs have at least eight major blood groups, humans have only four. Luckily though, blood types are not breed specific and a dog of any breed can donate.

Blood Donor Dog Dogs must undergo a screening process prior to donating to ensure good health and suitability. The dogs must weigh more than 25 kg, be between 1 and 6 years old and be on preventative medications such as heart worm tablets. Additionally, ... Click here to read more....

RSPCA Cup Cake Day

The RSPCA’s annual Cupcake Day is taking place this month on Monday 16th August. Last year we raised $672.60 this year we’re aiming for $750! Please help us raise these much needed funds by popping in on the Monday and enjoying a lovingly made (and delicious!) cup cake baked by the Paddington Pups staff.

Can make it in store on the Monday 16th you can make donations online

RSPCA Cup Cake Banner

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