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Hero Hounds

We’ve all seen working dogs before, whether it be on a farm, at the airport or in the police force. But did you know there are an estimated 83,000 working dogs throughout Australia?

The history of working dogs in Australia stretches as far back as 1935, when the first police dog unit was formed in New South Wales. Since then, the number of dogs used in police squads has skyrocketed, with favoured breeds including German shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Rottweilers, giant schnauzers and Dobermans.

Hero HoundsThese bigger dogs are generally better suited to ‘K9’ squads – dogs specializing in security or chasing down criminals. These dogs are specially chosen based on their personalities and characteristics. The process for choosing dogs is very specific, and training for these special jobs can take up to 3 years.

Smaller dogs have also been adopted into the police units, primarily as sniffer dogs. They ... Click here to read more....

Did You Know…? Dog Facts

  • In may 2003, a Siberian husky named Pixie gave birth to 7 puppies, one of which was bright green
  • Earliest fossils of dogs date back to 10,000 B.C
  • Dogs and cats, just like humans are left or right pawed
  • A healthy dogs normal temperature should be 38.3 – 38.8 Celsius
  • 2 dogs survived the sinking of the titanic
  • Newfoundlands have webbed feet making them amazing swimmers
  • The Labrador is the most popular breed in UK, USA and Canada
  • The chow chow dog has a black tongue
  • Dogs have sweat glands between their toes
... Click here to read more....

Doggy Post-Operation Blues

Like humans, dogs suffer pain and anxiety after operations. Many dogs are undergoing operations in today’s society.

It is important to take proper care of your pet, to ensure a speedy and safe recovery. Whether desexing, knee reconstructions or stiching a wound, all dogs need comfort and care to recover properly.

If a dog is having a hard time post-op, it could develop new behaviourisms, such as: barking and howling, go off their usual food, drink less water, break toilet training, become aggressive or stop moving all together.

Post Operation Dog It is important to keep an eye out for any of these symptoms, and if some of these persist, make sure you see your vet.

It is also important to be aware of the drugs or antibiotics your dog has taken during its surgery, in case a reaction occurs.

In the instance of stitches, avoid baths and keep the area clean ... Click here to read more....

Dog Grooming During Winter

Although many of us are inclined to keep our four legged friends stylishly cut with long coats in the cold seasons, it is important to keep them groomed in order to avoid uncomfortable and unsightly matting and knots.

Winter DogDid you know at Paddington Pups our groomers offer the “Tidy” service appose to a full groom, which includes a wash, blow dry and clipping around the face, feet, tail and hygiene area (bottom). This can help avoiding the pesky problems we can all encounter doing winter with our dogs coats.

A Tidy will also keep your puppies smelling clean and pampered under their jumpers and coats!  Remember dog coats and Jumpers are great but they can add to matting and knotting problems from the coat rubbing against the hair.  So instead of worrying about your dog becoming neglected and un-kept, contact Paddington Pups groomers to avoid your dog needing ... Click here to read more....

We All Love the State Of Origin but what about The Origin of Dogs

Many of us embrace the qualities of our four legged friends, and yet know nothing of their history. So after some deep research, Paddington Pups has summarised the origin of canines into one article for our Paddington Pups parents!Dog Of Origin

Although we call them ‘man’s best friend’, we still haven’t been properly dated back to when our fun and fury friendship first began.  Most scientists can date it back to early Europe around 6000BC, as the first animal to be domesticated by our race. It is also unknown where domestic dogs came from, as there are many theories including the wolf, jackal and wild pi dogs.

This most widely accepted theory is that the Modern Dog developed from an animal closely resembling a mongoose, just over 2 metres with a long muzzle and bushy tail. This animal became extinct approximately 100-50 million years ago, just before a larger species was breaded, ... Click here to read more....

Dogs and ear Infections

Although fleas are starting to subside with the colder weather, it is still important to watch other issues common in dogs.

Ear infections are common as infection loves warm, moist and dark places. It is often more common in dogs that enjoy the water, so make sure you clean their ears after the beach!

As the ears are hidden by fur, its very common to only notice the infection when a smell arrives, which means time for antibiotics!

Very bad infections can cause a dog to hold their head sideways and be off balance, which can be a permanent symptom.

It’s important to regularly clean your dogs ears. The best way is after bath, use a cotton ball and gently wipe  a cleaner such as Epi-Otic through the ear canal. This will prevent infection and save you on pesty vets bills!... Click here to read more....

Deadly Mulch Arriving in Australia

Our lCoco Mulshocal vet informed us that in the last few month there have been several animal deaths seeming linked to a new cocoa shell mulch now available in Australia. We have been encouraged to warn as many people as possible to avoid this mulch, to avoid an unexpected and unwanted pet death.Coco Mulsh 2

The main ingredient in the mulch is like chocolate, also known as theobromine, dogs and cats instinctively are drawn to the sweet smell. This mulch is sold in many homeware shops.

There are NO warnings or labels on the packaging. So we encourage all Paddington Pups parents to avoid this garden mulch, in order to protect your pet’s life!

Thanks to Red Hill Vet for this important information.... Click here to read more....

Your Dog Up In Lights at Zoo Studio

Zoo Studio Bree And Boston BeagleWell I do think Boston is certainly up on the list of most spoilt dogs!  I did after all purchase him the entire Doggy Daycare Business!  So if you ever hear me say Paddington Pups is my business that’s technically correct but I am only looking after it for Boston.

Anyway, being the spoilt Beagle that he is, I wanted some great photos of him with some of the products for the shop for marketing purposes, and with me, so I needed that studio look for him (you know so he can shine under the lights).

Well only a few short days after making that decision, I had an appointment with Zoo Studio, a multi-award winning professional photography studio, which specialises exclusively in Animal Art Photography. Yes, Animal Photography – so they take photos of other animals, not just dogs, for all of you dog lovers who have cats, ... Click here to read more....

Germ Eradication Program

Paddington Pups was recently fogged with a new form of odour control and germ eliminator to keep Paddington Pups smelling clean, fresh and germ free!

Pure Protect is food safe, hypo allergenic and odour eliminating, without being harmful to your puppies or our team and has been proven safe and effective in germ control in other doggy daycare (and children’s daycare) centres worldwide.

It is a long tested and proven form of germ eradication new to Queensland. Pure Protect will leave Paddington Pups germ free!

The spray has been used above and beyond our usual sterilisation and cleaning processes through the daycare centre, providing a thin layer of microscopic prickles that ‘pop’ germs as they land upon any surface covered with Pure Protect. The layer is small enough to kill all surface germs on impact, but large enough not to harm any dogs or humans.

The product is ... Click here to read more....

Bree Robbins, Paddington Pups Awarded Exponential Entrepreneur of the Year 2010 for the Queensland Service Industry

What an honour to be chosen as the Exponential Entrepreneur of the year for Queensland Service Industry 2010.  This award is a symbol of all the great things that have been happening here at Paddington Pups over the nearly 12 months that I have been the proud owner of the store. Award Winners Smile

This award is presented to entrepreneurs and business people who have demonstrated excellence, deploying exponential strategies in their business by profitability and creating exceptional value for their clients in a way that is both measurable and sustainable. The award is presented by Dr Marc Dussault leading Exponential Business Coach.

During the nearly 12 months I have owned Paddington Pups we have

  • Increased the number of Dogs that attend daycare on a regular basis
  • Added extra play areas for safety and additional control
  • Increased Dog Grooming Staff
  • Increased Doggy Daycare Dog walkers and play time staff
  • Restructured the layout
... Click here to read more....