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Edible Puppy Cards

Edible Dog CardWhether your favourite pet has just reached its birthday, or you’re simply rewarding it for being a great member of your family, Paddington Pups has the perfect gift!

Our new range of edible birthday cards allows you to spoil your pet without the guilt of feeding them something unhealthy.

The ingredient is 100% natural rawhide and the ink is non-toxic, so its guilt free!... Click here to read more....

How Do I Stop My Dog Jumping Up On Me AND Guests!

Dog Jumping UpThis wonderful training technique is complements of our Behavioural expert who also runs our Puppy Pre School and Tricks Classes. She also runs adolescents training and does private behavioural training.

When your dog jumps up make the corrective voice command, in a strong and loud tone, Ahhh Ahhhh. At the same time make very small shuffling steps forward into your dog’s space. The Team at Paddington Pups strongly recommends you get a demo of this technique before using it. If you would like a demo, please just ask our friendly team.

This technique will need to be repeated several times before your dog learn that jumping up is not an appropriate greeting. You can also get your friends to help you with this training method as long as you explain to them what you want them to do before the behaviour occurs.

Just remember there is nothing worse than seeing ... Click here to read more....

Did You Know…? Dog Facts

• Toy breeds live up to 16 years or more. Larger dogs average 7 – 12 years. Some breeds, such as the Tibetan terrier live as long as 20 years.
• In the United Kingdom, new dog owners are now required to undergo an expensive ‘competence test’ to ensure they can handle their new dog, as well as having to purchase third party insurance in case of an attack.
• A greyhound can run as fast as 72 km/h
• If you were to remove the scent receptors from a dogs nose and lay them out flat, they would cover an area greater than the dog itself!
Dogs can be trained to detect upcoming epileptic seizures
• An average city dog lives approximately 3 years longer than the average country dog
• Irish wolf hounds have the shortest lifespan and live around 7-8 years
• The basenji dog is ... Click here to read more....

Pet Insurance Is It Worth it? How should I Choose Pet Insurance That’s Right For Me?

Recently a friend of mine had quite a few major issues with her old cat. Her cat got really sick, not fatality sick, all curable issues, but the flow on affects of one sickness to the next her poor old cat cost her well over $3000 in a very short period of time.

Unfortunately, the ongoing sickness was starting to get to the point for her financially that she was going to have to make the choice whether her cat would live or die based on finances.

Her recommendation for me to get pet insurance hit a nerve for me, as I know if my beloved Boston got seriously ill I would spare no expense to make him well again, even if it meant I was up to my eyeballs in debt. Fortunately I can make sure I can avoid that problem with pet insurance.

We all have so ... Click here to read more....

How Much We Love Our Doggies

Recent studies have shown that owners will put their own lives in danger in natural disasters to rescue their beloved pets.

During Hurricane Katrina in the US, pet owners were so adamant to rescue their pets and bring them to shelters that the US Congress had to pass a bill allowing people to bring their pets to disaster shelters.

More studies showed that pet owners will prioritize their animals over themselves when seeing the doctor. Also, during a recession, people claimed that they were more inclined to cut back on household electronics and groceries before cutting back on supplies for their lovely pets.

A questionnaire released recently claims that owners would find it more traumatic to lose a pet than to be in a car accident, lose a job or break a bone.

With dogs like the lovely dogs we look after at Paddington Pups, there is no surprise that ... Click here to read more....

Why Does My Dog Break its Toilet Training in Rainy or Cold Weather!

There are several reasons why you might see a break in all your hard toilet training efforts! Sometimes they are just too lazy to go out when it’s cold or wet. Just like you’re not impressed to get your feet cold and wet in winter time, neither are they.

Many dogs are also afraid of storms or simply the rain, which can deter them from using their outside ‘toilet’.

Puppy Pee PaperTo avoid this problem, we encourage using products such as “Pee Pads” in the house, so your dogs will have a suitable place to go to the problem without ruining any furniture or floors!
It is also important to take your dog out for a toilet break during the nice weather, to encourage their proper toilet training.... Click here to read more....

Approaching Dog Flu Season!

What? Yes, dogs like humans have a Flu season partly because Human Viruses can be passed on to our lovely dogs. So if we are feeling unwell and breath all over our pets the viruses can pass on to our dogs just like if we breathed all over another human.

Dogs too get run down with the change of seasons and the lowering of the temperature particularly if their winter coat hasn’t come in properly yet.

So Here are some tips to keeping your dog well and healthy this Dog Flu Season:
• If your sick, don’t breath directly into the face of your dog
• Make sure your dog is dry before the evening starts to get cold.
• Ensure your dog is feed a really good diet. You can also supplement this with Vitamin C powder (Just like in humans this helps fight a cold)
• ... Click here to read more....

RSPCA Million Paws Walk and Upcoming PUP Cake Day

As I am sure you are aware, our charity of choice for Paddington Pups is the RSPCA.  During May the RSPCA had its Million Paws walk which was a huge success if I don’t say so myself!

Brisbane’s event saw huge numbers of dogs and dog lovers talking their pups for a walk Suzy and myself (Bree) took our dogs along for the walk we were really happy to see a few clients and their beloved puppies.  While Suzy and I only saw Toby, Nero, Red and Jake, I am sure there were many more of the Paddington Pups family in attendance.

The Million Paws walk was heaps of fun I think next time we might need to get a team together to show our support for all the great work the RSPCA does.

RSPCA Cup Cake Banner

In August the RSPCA runs it Annual Pup Cake day, where you are encouraged to ... Click here to read more....

Is Your Dog The Smartest Dog in the Park?

Well Now the Pressure is on with our first set of Dogs finishing our Tricks Classes, where the dogs and the owners have been taught 15 TRICKS in Just 3 weeks! Smart Dog

Classes book up really fast! Our next classes are Tuesday 29th June 6.30pm till 7.30pm. Places book up really fast so if you want your dog to learn heaps of new and neat tricks, then best you enrol your Dog now so you don’t miss out!

Why not make a party of it? Get your friends from the Dog Park to join you! (Unless you don’t want others to know you secret) Want a Demo? Just ask Boston, Oscar, Chelsea, Oliver, Harvey, Chilli or Cooper for a demo of how clever they are! ... Click here to read more....

Paddington Pups June Dog of the Month – Lizzie

Paddington Pups June Dog of the Month LIZZIE

Paddington Pups June Dog of the Month LIZZIE

Congratulations Lizzie!

Lizzie is a beautiful brown Border Collie puppy who attends doggy daycare almost every day, which we love!

Lizzie loves her trips to the park, and is one of our star doggies when it comes to playing fetch. She can spend a whole hour running back and forth chasing after anything we can throw for her!

When she’s not at the park, Lizzie can be seen playing with all the other doggies, almost always with a toy in her mouth and a wagging tail. Lizzie has been coming to daycare since she was a puppy.
Some of her favourite friends include Boston Beagle, Sammy Boy and Saffy.

She also enjoys her weekly bath, blow-dry and brush, which always leaves her looking lovely and cuddly.

We know Lizzie will love all her new toys she gets in her Puppy ... Click here to read more....