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Did You Know…? Dog Facts

  • De-sexing your dog before the age of 6 months can help prevent cancer in your dog.
  • It has been established that people who own pets live longer, have less stress, and have fewer heart attacks.
  • All dogs can be traced back 40 million years ago to a weasel-like animal called the Miacis, which lived in trees and dens. The Miacis later evolved into the Tomarctus, a direct forbearer of the genus Canis, which includes the wolf, jackal and dingo as well as the dog.
  • The Indonesian government is intending on passing a law that allows tigers to be at-home pets, for as little as $110,820!
  • A dog’s whiskers are touch-sensitive hairs called vibrissae. They are found on the muzzle, above the eyes and below the jaw, and can actually sense tiny changes in airflow.
  • Eight out of ten Australians grow up with a pet.
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How to Choose a Pet Food that’s Right for You and Your Dog?

When trying to select a dog food that is right for your dog, it can be a very challenging task – so many choices! And so much information…  How much protein should my dog get? What about a food that’s rice or corn based?  It’s all too hard – how do I make a smart choice for my dog?

Let’s have a breakdown of the main ingredients for you so you can make your own decisions

Proteins are the building blocks in all animal nutrition. It should be their main form of energy and it is necessary for all aspects of growth, development and a healthy immune system. Every food-type has different advantages and protein levels; lean meat and eggs, for example, have the highest level of protein, whereas bone meal and wheat have around half that level, so check your foods ingredients. Good forms of protein to look for: ... Click here to read more....

Your Dog’s Growth

Although many of us have adjusted to the technique of multiplying our dog’s years by seven to find their human age, this has ultimately been proven as a myth.

It has been found by scientists that different dog breeds are not created equally, despite size or breed.

The fact is that all dogs are different.

It has been scientifically found, however, that small dogs often do outlive their larger breed friends. This is because larger dogs mature more rapidly as they age than smaller breeds.

There is a meeting point where all dogs are at the exact same human age as other sized breeds, and this is at approximately 34 human years, and 3.8 dog years.

A long life is generally associated with healthy eating and a lean figure in conjunction with exercise.

The theory is that Jack Russell’s require less food and exercise to stay healthy than a Mastiff, ... Click here to read more....

Behavioural Expert at Paddington Pups

Did you know Paddington Pups recently started getting specialist behavioural training specifically for this environment?

Dog High Five

We have incorporated the specialist to ensure we always offer the best, safest and most fun environment for your dog and to ensure our control and obedience with all the dogs, to ensure both their and our safety and to make sure everyone has fun.

This helps us to ensure we don’t have issues such as constant nuisance barking, jumping up all over staff and so that we can work toward more calm, togetherness for all the dogs.

The behavioural expert we are working with has over 15 years experience in the dog training industry, has been trained by the Australian Dog Whisperer and has numerous certificates and training course experience. She can help with issues including barking, toy and food aggression, aggressive playing and other concerning issues regarding dogs.

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How Too Save Money on Your Vet Bills

At Paddington Pups, we are all dog enthusiasts; therefore we also endure the expensive Vet bills. There can also be the issue of cats, birds, dogs and other little critters having to visit the Vet for monthly check ups and routine vaccinations to hike up the prices on your bill.  Although the upfront cost of purchasing a companion can seem expensive, it is the overall bills from feeding and maintaining their health that can become more expensive in the long run.Wallet

As dog lovers, we know our pet’s health and safety would always come first. However, during some rough economic times, paying these expensive figures can become a challenge.  Below are some helpful hints to help minimise the risk of having to rush your pet to the vet in case of an accident or trauma, in order to save you a few dollars on your annual vet allowance.

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Does Your Dog Have Sufficient ID?

Dog TagDuring the Easter period we saw the rise of dogs escaping from people’s yards and fences. It is often a very stressful situation for an owner to lose a dog.

Even if your dog is Microchipped, this is still considered insufficient identification. While Micro-chipping is wonderful, it is only useful if your pet is lost during business hours and your local vet can scan for your details, especially if your dog has slipped its collar. However, this form is not adequate when trying to track a lost dog’s owner if the finder doesn’t have the means to scan a microchip.

The quickest and easiest way for your dog to be returned safe and sound to its home is a simple identification tag with your current up-to-date phone number and name as a minimum so any concerned person can call you and ensure your dog gets its way home ... Click here to read more....

How To FART Proof Your Dog!

We all knowFarting Dog about those Farts the dog does that are so fowl smelling they clear the room.  Well, why do they do them at all?  Research has shown that gas is diet related (as with humans as well).  Diet also affects your dogs stool (poo) size, smell, frequency, density and how quickly it breaks down.  Remember: garbage in, garbage out.

So the question is: is feeding a premium, more expensive brand of dog food really worth it?

The short answer is: Yes!

Feeding your dog a premium brand of dog food such as Science Diet, BARF, Eukanuba, or Nutro is more cost effective (as you have to feed less of it); it’s better for the long term health of your dog; it gets rid of those fowl smelling farts; reduces stool volume (poo) and smell; has significantly lower levels of salt and fat; is better for ... Click here to read more....

Fleas and an AMAZING new Product

Thanks to everyone for being extra vigilant about the eradication of Fleas during April. We have certainly noticed a significant decrease in the fleas on dogs that attend day care, and we appreciate the efforts parents have gone to in order to decrease occurrence of this issue.

Here at Paddington Pups all of the beds and other play equipment are flea treated regularly, as well as that the floors are sterilised at a Vet Grade Level daily.

There is also an AMAZING new Product on the market specifically for Fleas that we now stock at Paddington Pups. It’s called Comfortis and it works by killing all the adult fleas on your dog and that hatch onto your dog all month.Amazing New flea Treatment Comfortis

I know, I hear the scepticism – we have all had issues with fleas at one stage or another.  It works similar to a spot on in the sense ... Click here to read more....

Have You Seen And Admired The Beautiful Photos Of Our Dog Of The Month

The lovely photographs taken for our Paddington Pups Dog of the Month are taken by professional photographer Ross Stevenson, who has been photographing animals for over 12 years.

Ross has high speed cameras and long distance lenses so he can take a great action shot of your dog at the park or in day care. He is commissioned by the Brisbane Race Tracks to get those great photographs of the horses just before they cross the finish line and during the race so you know he can get a fantastic fast paced photo as well.

For the month of May he is offering a special deal: book and pay a deposit of $50 for your photo shoot and receive the shoot for only $167 (normally $267). That’s a saving of $100!!!

To see samples of his work, have a look at the Paddington Pups Facebook Page (you can tell ... Click here to read more....

Is Your Dogs Collar TOO Tight or TOO Loose?

The best way for you to tell at home is that the fitting of your dog’s collar is to be able to fit two fingers comfortably between the dog’s neck and its collar. This is to make sure it’s not too tight.Fuzzyard Dog Collars

To make sure your collar isn’t too loose check that you can’t pull the collar over your dogs head. This is really important as if you are out walking and your dog’s collar is too loose it only takes something to go wrong and your dog to slip the collar and get away. When this happens the danger that your dog is in dramatically increases.

As long as your dog’s collar is somewhere in between being not too tight and not too loose – it’s Perfect.... Click here to read more....