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Enviro-friendly Pooches!

As humans we are increasingly trying to reduce the impact that our activities have on the environment. Although our pets have little choice in how their lifestyle affects the planet, there are a few things that we as owners can do to reduce their carbon paw-print! N.S.W. Veterinarian Dr Marc Simpson recently lent his ideas to us in the Green Garden & Home Magazine (issue 2).

Dr Marc Simpson’s tips on environmentally friendly pet activities are listed below:

Watch your pet’s diet

  • Dogs generally produce more gas than cats! In addition to smelling unpleasant, this flatulence can also have an unfortunate impact on the environment. The gas (methane) produced is one of the most harmful greenhouse gases!Dry Dog Food
  • To reduce the flatulence produced by your dog, aim to feed a high quality diet. This includes highly digestible proteins.
  • Feed your dog more dried food as it contains less water and
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Dogs Attacks What to Do and How to Avoid Them in The First Place

It is always very upsetting to hear of a dog attack particularly if it’s an attack on a dog you know and love.  In Brisbane City News recently, there have been a number of near fatal dog attacks.

One story that comes to mind is that of poor Ebony who was attacked twice within 5 days. The first was by two pit bull terriers, they were unrestrained and savaged Ebony with twenty puncture wounds. The second attack occurred on Ebony’s first walk after recovering from her wounds. She was attacked this time by a Belgian Shepherd, which is believed to be a trained security dog. Ebony is a three year old poodle and would not have stood a chance, if it wasn’t for a passer- by who hit the pit bulls with a stick until they released her from their jaws.

Dawn Pedder with Ebony, who escaped a vicious attack by other dogs. Reported City News 27 Jan 10Dawn Pedder with Ebony, who escaped a vicious attack ... Click here to read more....

New Internal Fencing

As you all would have noticed we are slowly making improvements to Paddington Pups.

Recently we changed the internal gates for the well being of the dogs and we just put up more fencing so that we can tailor the play environments making them even better for each and every dog.

With new fences this means we can better choose the energy levels of the dogs that each dog gets to play with.  This also allows us to make sure that all the dogs don’t crowd the fence first thing in the morning and at home time.

This also makes it easier for us if  we notice anything unusual in any bowel movements (as we sometimes do) to identify exactly which dog is feeling a little off colour so we can let you know as soon as possible.

The New Fences are up and Running now and are working ... Click here to read more....

Things NOT to Feed Your Dog

Always avoid feeding dogs Cooked bones when bones are cooked the chance that they will splinter increases dramatically.  The last thing you ever want is for a bone you have given your dog as a treat to splinter and get stuck in their neck or worse cause internal damage. Smoked and air dried bones are alright as the process is very different to cooking and means that the bones are easier to digest and break down and do not splinter.Dogs always want Left Overs

Left Overs – avoid giving the cat or dog anything fatty including bacon rind, fat from the ham bone etc. A sudden increase in the fat content of an animals diet can cause pancreatitis or other serious gastrointestinal side effects, resulting in server pain.

Chocolate – Most people know you can’t give your dog chocolate. It contains theobromine, Dogs Should Never Eat Chocolatewhich is toxic to dogs and cats. The higher the cocoa ... Click here to read more....

Animal Council Registrations

During the excitement of planning for a new pet there are many things to think about such as which pet to choose, your pet’s new name, bedding, toilet training, diet, toys, vaccinations, behavioural training, collars and leads… it can be quite a complicated and overwhelming task!

Unfortunately one thing which is sometimes overlooked is also one of the most important tasks. That is registering your pet with the council. It is a legal requirement in Queensland that all dogs and cats are registered with their City Council.

What is the purpose?

Pet registration helps to monitor domestic animal numbers and to reduce the number of stray dogs and cats.

In addition, registering your pet is a good way of helping the council to identify your pet if they go missing. Having your pet’s details on file will increase the chance of you and your pet being reunited quickly. ... Click here to read more....

Dogs and Summer Time Heat

This summer, prevent your puppy from over -heating.  Provide plenty of shade and fresh water.

Try and avoid metal water bowls as they heat up to quickly.

Ceramic and plastic bowls are a great alternative. If you choose to leave your puppy inside, make sure there are windows open or a fan to circulate the air.

A great idea is to freeze chicken broth or vegetable soup in ice cubes trays and give it to your dog to play with. They love licking and playing with the ice block until it melts.

Paddington Pups also has a range of different toys that are specifically designed to be frozen and a range of cooling neck bandannas also designed to be frozen..

Try not to walk your dog in the middle of the day, like us dogs can get sun stroke and dehydrate very quickly. Plus walking on hot surfaces with bare ... Click here to read more....

Paddington Pups Splash Pool

This Summer is hot as we all know so to help the dogs combat some of the heat Paddington Pups introduced a Splash pool late last year for the dogs to cool down in.  Located up near out Hydrobath particularly loved by our Labrador friends the splash pool is very popular if not a little wet with playtime spreading water great distances by dogs having fun.

While the splash pool is most popular with the larger dogs. We make sure all the dogs get an opportunity to have a splash. They do certainly have a very fun time.

Most enjoyedPaddington Pups Splash Pool by Sammy Boy, Jake, and Sampson

Lizzie Boston Doug and Saxon Playing in the Paddington Pups splash pool

Lizzie Boston Doug and Saxon Playing in the Paddington Pups splash pool

Lizzie Boston Doug and Saxon Playing in the Paddington Pups splash pool

Lizzie Boston Doug and Saxon Playing in the Paddington Pups splash pool

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Doggy Day Care Can Help Prevent Your Dog From Being Fearful or Aggressive

It is common knowledge that dogs are playful, sensitive, creatures that need to constantly show their affection to others. This is why keeping them all alone and not used to other dogs and humans alike make them shy, fearful, behave crudely, and sometimes even aggressive.

The best way in preventing these tendencies is by getting them to introduce them to new things and let them socialize with other dogs. Your introduction to the world can start by taking them out on the streets so they can get acquainted with the look and sound of the outside of your house, the buildings, vehicles, streets, and other elements of the great wild outdoors.

One of the things you can actually do is to take them on walks or trips to the park, where you can easily meet other dog owners and their pets. However, if your dog is highly unsocialized, like ... Click here to read more....

Paddington Pups February Dog of the Month Magic


Congratulations Magic!

Paddington Pups Dog of the Month FEBRUARY 2010

Paddington Pups Dog of the Month FEBRUARY 2010

The Lovely Miss Magic is a regular Dog to Doggy Daycare and visits the team at Paddington Pups generally 4 times a week.

Magic loves to Run and play she has one of the highest energy levels at daycare.

Magic’s mum Sarah usually takes Magic to the off leash park for an hour before she comes into daycare. We then take her for a long walk often to the park again where she chases balls and runs and runs after anything she fancys.

Magic walks exceptionally well on her lead and doesn’t pull or try to play with other dogs while walking. She also gets her regular grooming here at Paddington Pups.

Enjoy the Treats Magic.... Click here to read more....