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Fleas, Fleas Dreaded Fleas

We all know the pain and annoyance of fleas. This time of year they can be particularly trying as the warm weather hatches dormant flea eggs making fleas a bigger issue in the warmer months. Fleas aren’t fun for us or our dogs, so it’s really important to make sure our dogs are comfortable and flea free!

Because dogs can’t tell us if they have fleas, apart from the obvious scratching, it is really important to check your dog on a daily basis. The places to look out for are around the base of their tail, behind their ears, on their bum and between their hind legs. Brushing them or simply spending some time checking over the problem areas will assist in a flea free dog.

Signs your dog has fleas include

  • Scratching and Itching
  • Tiny reddish sores or scabs appear on your dogs skin
  • Apparent flea dirt this
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Pet Feeding Essentials

Feeding your pets is one important method you can keep them healthy. By feeding them healthy and nutritional foods, you can be sure that they are getting the most out of what they eat. However, feeding them in a healthy way is still one problematic matter. Most pet owners think that by giving their pets expensive dog foods, they are already giving the best to their dogs. Sadly, this isn’t the case.

Just like other over-priced foods in the market available for humans, the dog food industry has also been tapped by scammers already. Some pretend that their feeds have the highest nutritional value, thus, giving them the right to price their products outrageously. But, in reality, some of these overpriced commercial feeds could even be harmful to your pets.

So, how can you be sure of what your pooch is getting? Simple. Turn to the experts. As different breeds ... Click here to read more....

Why Dog Grooming is Important for You and Your Pet

Dog grooming generally refers to the maintenance of a dog’s good hygiene. And as everybody knows, good hygiene helps in keeping the pets, no matter what kind it is, perfectly healthy. Also, dogs that are properly groomed regularly tend to be lot healthier, growing enough fur for the different seasons, and will also be a lot happier and comfortable. It is also a good way to check the health of the dog by knowing if they have skin problems as indicated by cuts or swelling present under the coat.

Also, through grooming, you can determine whether there are other symptoms of sickness like lameness or a change in temperament. These are just some of the reasons why grooming your pet is highly important, for the pet, and also for the responsible pet owner.

However, grooming is not exactly the easiest thing to do, especially at home. Yes, bathing and ... Click here to read more....

Dogs and Ticks

In summer we are all reminded of the increased risk of fleas and ticks affecting our pups. This summer we have already seen a couple of cases of Paralysis ticks on some Paddington Pups dogs.

Our staff recently saved the life of one of our regular daycare dogs by spotting a paralysis tick promptly removing it and rushing the dog to the vet. Thankfully this dog and the other the dogs have been taken to the vet in time and have bounced back well after the removal of the ticks and a little TLC. These incidents however have been a timely reminder of just how serious ticks can be. So we have decided to give you some information about the Australian Paralysis tick and suggestion on how you can keep your pup safe from ticks this summer.

The Australian Paralysis Tick (Ixodes holocyclus) has a poison in its saliva ... Click here to read more....

Why Walking Your Dog is So Importaint

Exercise is one of the essential needs of almost all living things, including you and your dog. No matter how agile or quirky your pet dog might be you still need to take him or her out for some exercise regularly.

The most common form of exercise for dogs is walking, this is why most dog owners are also almost compelled to exercise since they, too, are walking regularly alongside their pets. However, as this activity, no matter how leisurely it might be, still requires time from the pet owner, which becomes a problem when they get busy. And this is just one way how pets usually suffer from the busy schedules of their owners.

Luckily, Doggy Day Care now has offers for dog walking. This way, even if you cannot take your pets out for a run at the park or just a brief walk around the neighborhood, they ... Click here to read more....

Why You Need to Enroll Your Dog in Puppy Preschool

Adopting a dog is like having your own child in so many ways. Both asks you of your time and commitment, as well as taking responsibility in taking care of them. And as what you would do if you have a child, you’d try to learn a lot about child rearing through books, seminars, and things of the sort. Luckily, such things are already available for dog rearing as well.

Puppy Preschool is run by a dog behaviour expert and is one of the numerous ways where you can learn about the proper ways you can take care of your dog. Here, you will be put into a full blown course where you will be with fellow dog owners. So, whether you are a new owner or has already went to a couple of lessons before about the subject but is with a new puppy, it is still highly recommended ... Click here to read more....

Dog Teeth and Mouth Hygiene

Like us, dogs need to maintain good oral hygiene but how it’s so much harder to brush their teeth?

They may not be able to hold a toothbrush and toothpaste but there are ways that we can help our furry friends keep a nice white smile.

Gum disease and smelly breath is not just an inconvenience and an expensive exercise for you, but it can really affect your dog’s well being and comfort.

Raw ride is a great way to assist in healthy teeth and gums. Raw hide not only helps keep teeth clean but it also keeps your dogs entertained for hours.

Bones from your local butcher or of course Paddington pups is also a good alternative, but make sure they are raw or dehydrated so they don’t splinter and cause problems.

Chicken wings and necks are okay but as long as they are uncooked. Any form of ... Click here to read more....

Introducing Paddington Pups Dog of the Month!

We have introduced newly to Paddington Pups the “Dog of the Month”.  Every month we will crown one very special dog. As much as we love all the dogs at Paddington Pups Doggy Daycare only 12 Dogs can be the Dog of the Month for 2010.

The lucky pooch receives a Framed Photograph to take home taken by Professional Photographer Ross Stevenson.

This Photo will also be proudly displayed on the walls of Paddington Pups.

The Dog of the Month will get a feature written about them on our Paddington Pups Blog and their very own Youtube Video Tribute making them a star in their own right.

Your Dog will receive a Special Treat Pack to be enjoyed.

In addition the winner of Paddington Pups Dog of the Month will feature as the representative for that month in our 2011 Paddington Pups Wall Calendar.

So for our first ever award ... Click here to read more....

Dogs and Snakes

Spring is upon us and it is a great time to enjoy the sunshine and the great outdoors with our precious pooches. Spring is however also the time when our reptilian friends become active again after a quiet winter and this can often lead to dogs and snake coming into contact. Contact between dogs and snakes often occurs in the garden, playing in the park or whilst bushwalking and unfortunately there can be devesting consequences for both dogs and reptiles.

Whether you are fan or not, snakes play an important role in our ecosystem and help us considerably by keeping rodent numbers down. Several species of snake in South East Queensland are non-venomous and therefore pose no real threat to dogs or humans. However South East Queensland is also home to several venomous species such as the Eastern Brown snake and Small-eyed snake. Although these species are no more ... Click here to read more....