Monthly Archive for December, 2009

Christmas Time a time for the Dogs to Play and Visit

I don’t know about you by my version of Christmas involves our dogs.

Just this Chritmas for example my family all got together and had a wonderful time incluiding our Dogs. Boston Beagle and one of his girlfriends Roxy Labrador got to play and they had a wonderful time with their special Christmas Outfits on.

The dogs tear the place apart playing and having fun but it makes our day all that much more enjoyable.

The Dog Christmas gifts include edible Christmas Cards just as a starter

I hope you and your familys dogs had as much fun this christmas as ours did.

I am looking forward to New Years Eve.... Click here to read more....

Beer for Dogs????

What the ....... I explain one of lifes questions Beer for Dogs???? Paw Rex is a Beer for Dogs it is an obviouse take off of the beer XXXX.

Paddington Pups – demonstrates Xmas Cards for Dogs!

I answer that never ending question what do I get my Dog for Christmas???? These Christmas Cards for Dogs are Raw Hide Christmas cards with Vegetable dye on them so they are completely non toxic for dogs and can be posted both national or internationally to all your friends and family with dogs who deserve Christmas Cards. The perfect silly season treat for your pooch!

Cards for Dogs are available for purchase in our shop.
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