Looking out for hot spots in the humid months of summer

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What is a hot spot?

A hot spot is a localized area of skin that is inflamed and infected. The infection can be superficial or deep.

Moist dermatitis and acute dermatitis are other names sometimes used for them.


Also known as “Pyotraumatic dermatitis” these common skin lesions are usually caused or made worse by biting, licking or scratching an area of the skin or fur causing it to stay moist for a long period of time. Dermatitis means inflammation of the skin.


What signs should I look out for?


Small areas of inflamed skin, redness, scabbing, itchiness, irritation or hair loss (keeping in mind that sometimes hair can matt over the hot spot). These lesions can appear very suddenly and grow rapidly in hours.


What is the cause of a hot spot?


There are a number of different causes of hot spots occurring. It can

Paddington Pups Halloween Dress Up Competition

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Since Bree gets excited about Halloween, -VERY EXCITED!-

So we have decided to have a Halloween doggy photo competition.


Send a photo of your dog dressed up in a Halloween outfit to Paddington Pups via email (info@paddingtonpups.com.au) and the winner of best dressed pup will receive a 10 day doggy day care package valued at $320!


We very much look forward to seeing how scary you can make your pooch.


The competition cut off point will be 4pm,  Saturday 1st November, (the day after Halloween).

Paddington Pups Dog of the Month



Congratulations Titan!
Titan is our big, beautiful Great Dane who has been a regular attendee at Paddington Pups for the last 2 years.
He has come a very long way, from being a naughty dog to a lovely one, with the help of his mum and all of us at Paddington Pups .

Titan is always so excited to come into daycare and is extremely lovely to all the staff. He’s never afraid to give us a giant kiss in the morning!

His girlfriend, Soda, who is a fellow dog of the month winner is always so happy to see him and they play all day!
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Essential Oils for Dogs


Essential Oils are an aromatic, naturally occurring chemical component of plants that are usually extracted by distillation. Through Lab testing of these chemicals constituents has led to an understanding of their benefits and in recent years interest in therapeutically blended essential oils for Canines has increased.


Please note if using Essential Oils on your dog it is important that the oil are therapeutic grade so as not to cause harm to your dog.


You will often be able to smell therapeutic oil diffusing at Paddington Pups. If you are interested in getting therapeutic grade essential oils we can facilitate this process for you.


Listed below are some essential oils which are safe for your dogs and what they can be used for.


Bergamot – Antifungal, soothing and excellent for ear infections caused by yeast or bacterial overgrowth.


Carrot Seed Anti – inflammatory, tonic, with … Click here to read more….

Dog of the Month for July



Maci is a 2 year old French Bull dog x Pug who has been coming to us for just over a year now. Every morning she arrives her mum and dad struggle to contain her excitement as she greets all of us at the door. Her favourite thing to do in day care is wrestle around with the other smoosh face dogs and chase the toys up and down the day care. We love having her in and hope she never leaves us!Click here to read more….

Paddington Pups Presents Frenchie Friday

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Comfortis Product of the month


2014 06 26 rgj comfortis-5-pack-shot

Comfortis for Dogs

Chewable Flea Control Tablet:

Comfortis for Dogs are the tasty, convenient way to kill Fleas on your Dog rapidly and prevent reinfestation for the entire month. Comfortis for Dogs starts working in just 30 minutes!

Benefits for Comfortis tablets for Dogs:

  • Kills all fleas on your dog within 4 hours and keeps them of for an entire month
  • Treats fleas once a month with a convenient tasty tablet
  • Avoids spot – on flea treatments which leave chemical residues on your pets coat
  • Don’t have to worry about bathing or swimming around the same time Comfortis is taken

Comfortis is available for every dog weight at Paddington Pups feel free to ask a staff member if you have any questions or are looking into purchasing it.

Celiac Disease In Dogs

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celiac Disease

Celiac disease is gluten intolerance in animals. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye.  Dogs, like humans, can suffer from celiac disease. By consuming products containing gluten an abnormal immune response occurs which attacks the small intestine. If Celiac Disease is left untreated it often leads to malnutrition and severe damage to your pups digestive system.


There are several signs that can indicate that your dog may have Celiac Disease. It is important that you are aware of the signs as early diagnosis is the always the best way to control any disease.

These signs include:

  • Skin problems
  • Hair loss
  • Bumps or lesions (These lesions usually show up on the dog’s feet, head, neck, ears and stomach)
  • Itching, flaking dry skin
  • Secondary skin infections
  • Chronic ear infections


If your dog shows any signs of being a Celiac then you should consult you vet immediately.

Dog Anxiety Jackets

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The Thunder Shirt is a safe, effective and drug free anxiety solution for dogs.

Its patent pending design applies gentle, constant pressure on a dog’s torso and this pressure has an amazing calming effect for most dogs.

Pressure has been used to successfully reduce anxiety for many years for both animals and humans.

Examples including certain groups of dog trainers using pressure wraps for a wide variety of anxieties. Veterinarians use squeeze chutes when vaccinating cattle, and thousands of people with autism use pressure vests to relieve persistent anxiety.

Thunder Shirts are ideal for:

  • Fear of thunder
  • Separation anxiety
  • Barking problems
  • Car or travel anxiety
  • Crate anxiety
  • Reactivity
  • General fearfulness
  • Leash pulling
  • General training tool

Ask one of the Paddington Pups staff if you have any further questions or are interested in purchasing and trying a Thunder Jacket.



Paddington Pups Gets a Makeover









Some of you may have noticed a few small changes happening at Paddington Pups in the past couple of months. As we like to continuously maintain our label as the ‘best Doggy Day Care’ in Queensland, we consulted a Feng Shui analyst who is a current client to improve the exterior and interior appearance of Paddington Pups.


After consulting with our client about our Feng Shui in early March, it was made evident that we needed  to improve our stores flow and appearance. We needed to create energy and movement throughout the store because we want the dogs, clients and staff to be in the best possible environment. So by adding bright colours and plants we have  sucessfully attained a far more pleasing and inviting image.


To begin our makeover we set out to buy paint that was asthetically pleasing, and … Click here to read more….